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4 Methods to Muscle Up for Marathon Season

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4 Methods to Muscle Up for Marathon Season

It’s time to liven up the slow days of summer as the season stretches into fall -- aka marathon season. Did you commit to a fitness routine and stick with it, even on sweltering afternoons in July? If so, good for you! The rest of us might need to ease back into our marathon training and re-energize with a little inspiration. To that end, we give you the following four methods to help you muscle up for marathon season.

On your mark…

Refresh Your Soles

As if you needed an excuse to scoop up some new shoes. Kicking off marathon season with a new pair of kicks is not only a stylish decision, but a smart one too. Ideally, the perfect running shoe provides adequate support and feels comfortable as you pass one mile marker to the next. If possible, visit a store dedicated to running -- or at least find a large enough sporting goods store with a sizable running department. No matter where you go, enlist the help of a staff member to measure your foot for the perfect fit.

Consider the Company You Keep

For many of us, running is best done solo. It’s a great way to clear our heads and escape from the competing demands of the daily grind. Some folks even liken their solitary run to meditation or, at the very least, an opportunity to focus on one thing -- the path ahead, rather than the multitasking expected of modern society.

But, running with fellow enthusiasts can also provide motivation and camaraderie -- the likes of which are often reserved for those who participate in team sports.

Reinvent Your Route

Any fitness routine can quickly turn stale if you don’t vary it up. When it comes to running, one of the easiest ways to do this is to reinvent your route. If you run the same 5-mile loop through your subdivision, for example, why not research nearby running trails and combine the health benefits of running with the rejuvenating power of nature. Speaking of which…

Go Negative

No matter where you run, even if that means on an indoor track at the gym, you can enhance your efforts with the innovative technology of IonLoop’s original magnet bracelets. Combining negative ions with magnets, these bracelets have been connected with increased energy, faster post-workout recovery times, and an overall improvement in both physical and mental well-being.

Check out our exclusive Runner Series line, created especially with marathoners in mind. Get set, go!

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