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The Truth about Negative Ions + Negative Ion Therapy

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The Truth about Negative Ions and Negative Ion Therapy

IonLoop believes so strongly in the negative effects of positive ions and the positive effects of negative ions, we cannot emphasize enough the possible benefits of negative ion technology.

How Positive Ions Wear Us Down

Positive and negative ions occur in nature.

Negative ions, which manifest from natural things like waterfalls and trees, create a “feel good” effect.

Positive ions, on the other hand, are emitted from the sun and from artificial sources like computers, cell phones and fluorescent lights. These are thought to be energy-drainers. Experiments have linked positive ions to tension, irritability and even slower reaction times.

Because most people in the U.S. are more constantly exposed to UV rays and artificial environments than they are to natural elements, it is thought that these people may be suffering the negative effects of positive ions. Therefore it is a good reason to include some negative ion therapy.

It’s worth noting how many of today’s professionals and students feel after a day spent indoors under fluorescent lighting and in front of computers. Add air conditioning and heating to the equation and the exposure to positive ions is astoundingly high number.

To put it into perspective, the number of positive ions in an office outweighs those found in a waterfall by more than 300 percent. The number of positive ions in nature is extremely low, which indicates that the prominence of positive ions may be wearing on the human body and mind.

The Disconnect Between Positive and Negative Ions

Clearly, the presence of positive ions creates an unbalanced environment, conflicting with the purity that exists in nature. This imbalance is said to wreak havoc on the system and all the systems that comprise the human. From the nervous system to the brain to the body, positive ions may very well be major culprits in conditions and diseases that run rampant in technological societies.

In the documentary “Happy,” it is reported that the unhappiest culture in the world is technology- and work-driven Japan. Conversely, one of the happiest cultures is in Africa, among a tribe that hunts and gathers its food and spends the majority of its time outdoors.

How Negative Ions Can Build Us Up

Similar studies show that negative ions create an opposite effect – one of focus, performance and a sense of well-being.

This helps to better explain why a hike or a day on the beach feels exceptionally wonderful. While a day in the office typically breeds sleepiness and exhaustion, an afternoon in the wilderness is invigorating and energizing. Negative ions have often been thought of as nature’s remedy for many ailments; in fact, some doctors are prescribing the outdoors as a treatment for their patients.

Exposure to negative ions has been shown to decrease anxiety during computer work in some studies. In others, negative ions have been shown to help lower depression ratings in test subjects. Specifically, negative ions are said to have an effect on winter depression, serving as a natural antidepressant for those who suffer from the condition.

Tips on Negative Ion Exposure and Natural Negative Ion Therapy

Go outside. Find negative ions naturally. Start the morning with a 15-minute or more walk. Squeeze in a walk after or instead of lunch during work. Enjoy a post-dinner stroll. Or simply sit outside and bask in the beauty of nature around you.

Think plants. Bring plants into the office. Place potted plants around the house – in the kitchen, living room and bedroom, where you spend the majority of your relaxation time. Put plants on your porch or balcony, where you relax outdoors.

Take road trips. Most people live in driving distance of lush environments. As often as you can, travel to them and soak in the healing wonders of nature.

Invest in negative ion generators. Place these strategically through your home and office. A great supplement to your negative ion bracelet, these are helpful in stationary environments, possibly helping to offset harmful positive ions. If possible walk on a beach without shoes and you are absorbing negative ions.

Exercise, naturally. If you live in a climate where the outside temperature is comfortable, write a list of exercise activities that sounds appealing to you and replace your current form of exercise with at least one per week. For example, if you ride a stationary bike at the gym, consider investing in a bicycle you can ride around town or in your neighborhood. Instead of taking that Saturday yoga class, go for a morning hike at your local park.

Turn off the technology. The path of least resistance is oftentimes best. Turn off the computers when you’re not using them. Work with the overhead lights off. Keep the air conditioner off unless you absolutely need it. Small steps may lead to big changes in the way you think and feel! These are all great steps toward Negative Ion Therapy to combat the bad ions- positive ions.

Testimonials About Negative Ion Technology

At IonLoop, many of our customers have reported feeling and performing better – even healing faster. Straight from their mouths, here are a few words about IonLoop and the technology behind negative ion therapy:

“Whatever the technology in the Ionloop has truly provided me with more energy at the end of the day. I HIGHLY recommend this product to everyone who spends time in the outdoors. IT REALLY REALLY WORKS. Thank you.” -John

“Let me tell you, if you are an athlete and like feeling good and in balance, this is the bracelet for you. My husband and I both play lots of golf and tennis...we never take this bracelet off.” -Robin

“I wear mine out on my runs, workout in the gym and riding my bike. Do they truly work, it is all up to the believer. I am a believer of this product.” –Jim

“My sister purchased an IonLoop Bracelet because she has a neck injury. She wore it for about 1 week and her neck started feeling better.” -Victoria

Wearers of IonLoop’s silicone wristbands receive exposure to this highly-praised negative ion technology, as well as magnetic technology.

Try a silicone wristband and see for yourself if you experience overall improvement in the way you feel. We have a hunch that you will! As always, we are interested in your experiences with IonLoop and negative ion technology, so please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment with your thoughts.

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