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5 Good Things That Came From Covid-19

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5 Good Things That Came From Covid-19

At IonLoop, We Always Aim for the Bright Side

As we all know, the pandemic completely put the world on pause and changed the details of our daily lives. Many of our beloved pastimes and group activities became memories, with a return to normalcy still not yet in sight. However, in the right light, we can find the good from bad situations. It turns out, even this world changing pandemic presented a few upsides.

Here are our top five…

Let’s Hear it for Hobbies

People are dropping the remote and picking up books. In the United States across all generations, there was a 33% increase in adults who began reading for fun again. In addition to this, people have also picked up arts and crafts, board games with family, baking and cooking, and gardening. This healthy mix keeps the mind stimulated and positive during an otherwise dark time.

Celebrating a Stronger Sense of Community

Even in isolation, people continued to communicate. Social media has provided platforms to support, laughter, love, and positivity. Virtual events and activities have created communities for people during these hard times. Even with limited physical contact, people are still connecting through virtual walls.

Some small businesses have started Q&A sessions for customers to chat and connect with business owners and fellow patrons. Gyms increasingly offered virtual classes with trainers, even art studios have hosted virtual paint nights. These new communities have given people outlets and connections that will likely continue, post-pandemic.

Focusing More on Fitness

With nothing else to do, why not get into a fitness routine? Regular exercise can help reduce high blood pressure and support a healthy weight. Physical activity also comes with emotional and psychological benefits.

Speaking of those new hobbies, many people have begun at-home workouts, yoga, running, and hiking. These healthy lifestyle changes are a positive thing that came from the pandemic and will most likely become a part of a person’s routine. It can take as little as 18 days to begin a habit and about 66 to keep it going. Spending time outdoors in nature is one of the best ways to access negative ions. Another way, no matter what your fitness habit, is to equip yourself with an authentic IonLoop negative ion bracelet.

A Cleaner Environment for All to Enjoy

Another very beautiful thing that has come from the pandemic is nature restoring itself. Skylines have become clearer, animals have reclaimed their homes--and exploring ours--, and a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions in large cities by 40%! With Earth Day just recently passing last month, it is important to note that the Earth needs this break from pollution and factory production to continue to be beautiful. The pandemic gave the Earth that chance to heal. Thanks to the healing, the hikers can continue to see beautiful waterfalls and wildlife has made a strong reappearance in our lives.

There is Nothing Like Kindness

There is a chance that there is a person in your neighborhood whom you have not had the pleasure of meeting. Perhaps the pandemic changed that. People are sharing recipes, offering to grocery shop for their older neighbors, stopping and having a socially distant conversation.

When the world was put on pause, our lives slowed down but this does not necessarily mean that they got worse. Instead, they have allowed us to meet someone new, learn something about an acquaintance, and do something kind for an elderly neighbor. Kindness wins, and thanks to the pandemic, we can find instances of it at an all-time high.

With the right perspective, it is possible to find the positive… even during a pandemic. As we await better days, try to think about the little things like the recipe you mastered, the new trail you explored, about the new birds that come to your feeder every day. Life is beautiful in millions of tiny ways, every day.


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