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adidas athletes in London

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IonLoop & adidas in London

The IonLoop team is currently in London in support of adidas, a proud Olympic sponsor. IonLoop’s partnership with adidas started in 2009 with the production of adidas logoed sports bracelets that are currently worn by athletes at the highest levels and sold at adidas stores all over the world.

In 2010, in celebration of the World Cup in South Africa, the two companies successfully developed a collection of 24 country flag bracelets. This year, IonLoop was honored to be invited to the London Olympics and be part of the adidas Global branding effort.

As we speak, Ionloop’s Bob and Melissa Gotfredson are at the adidas Haus in the Olympic park area handing out the distinctive adidas-IonLoop country flag bracelets and the red adidas Olympic bracelet to Olympic athletes, media and VIP's. The duo is having a blast taking pictures with participants and watching displays of patriotism as each athlete selects their country flag bracelet.

“It is so exciting to be part of the adidas branding strategy. The opportunity for IonLoop to present its product on such a Global stage is enormous” said Melissa Gotfredson IonLoop CEO. “We owe our tremendous growth to all our loyal web customers, retailers, distributors, and corporate partners like adidas.”

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