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A Tech Gift to Counteract Technology

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                              A Tech Gift to Counteract Technology

 Technology is a huge part of our daily lives. We couldn’t possibly image not having the convenience of smart phones, laptops, and tablets so; it’s needless to say that we LOVE our tech gifts! These are beyond the shadow of a doubt the most sought-after gifts on our lists. I mean, tech gifts will please the kids, as well as the grandparents; the girls, as much as they will the guys; the computer geeks, as much as they will the outdoorsmen.

Electronic gadgets abound in stores and online as we search for the perfect gift. They are now customized to individual interests as never before! You can find Barbie doll laptops, digital golf score counters, and phone covers decorated with glitter or made with military grade materials.

IonLoop products are also fantastic tech gifts as our proprietary Ion Regeneration Technology (IRT™) is the most advanced technology in negative ion /magnetic products. IonLoop® has one of the highest negative ion output among sport bracelets so, when wearing one of our bracelets, you can be sure that you have a high-quality technological accessory working for you day after day.

Moreover, Ion Regeneration Technology™ is the perfect complement for all other tech gifts! That’s because despite all the wonderful benefits that technology brings us, it may also have harmful effects on our bodies. More and more studies seek to understand the impact electronic devices may have on our health.

As previously reported on our Ionloop Negative Ion Necklace and Cell Phone Use post, the World Health Organization, is studying the long-term effects that electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices may have. A great first step that may help you counteract this kind of positively-charged radiation is the use of negative ion producing product somewhere on your body.

At IonLoop you will also find great gift options that will please everyone on your list:

1. IonShield Covers for the new iPhone 5 owners
2. I Love My Dog Bracelet for the dog lover in your life
3. Runner Series Bracelets for the marathon, half-marathon, and 5K runners
4. Bicycling Series Bracelets for cyclists who are always on-the-go
5. Black Stripe Ion Bracelets and its fun color options for the “fashionistas”
6. Military Collection Bracelets for the heroes in our lives
7. Inspirational Braceletslike Courage, Believe, Pink Ribbon, and Hope
8. And much, much more!

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Feeling a Little Sluggish Lately? Try an Energy Wristband

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? It could be “positive ion poisoning”, another name for exposure to too much pollution. One potential way to combat your fatigue would be through wearing an energy bracelet. These wristbands generate negative ions around the wearer, balancing your energy at a cellular level. It’s normal to feel a little tired in this busy world but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it all the time. Order your very own IonLoop band today and experience the true benefits of negative ion therapy.


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