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Headed Outside This Summer? Try These 5 Allergy Remedies!

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Headed Outside This Summer? Try These 5 Allergy Remedies!

IonLoop customers love the outdoors, but allergies can get in the way – so we are pleased to share a few natural allergy remedies that may help relieve your allergy symptoms! IonLoop prefers natural methods to over-the-counter allergy medicines or prescription drugs because natural treatments generally are free from side effects.

What Are Allergies?
First, let’s look at the root problem.

Allergies are basically the body’s response to foreign bodies entering it. The body uses watery eyes, sneezing, bronchial swelling and other methods to rid itself of unwanted intruders.

Thanks, but no thanks!

Our Favorite Allergy Remedies
Here are our top five favorite natural remedies for allergies. (We suggest you do your homework before you try them, as some – like butterbur – may produce additional allergy symptoms in certain people.)

1. Neti Pots. This type of nasal flushing uses saltwater or a saline solution to rinse away allergies. This method can be used to treat or prevent allergies by cleansing the nose and making it more effective in removing allergens.

2. Food. Certain foods – particularly those rich in omega-3 like fish, eggs and flaxseed oil – have been used to treat allergy symptoms.

Spicy foods like hot mustard and cayenne can act as nasal decongestants as well.

3. Butterbur. This botanical has been shown to work similarly to a product like Singulair, blocking chemicals that can trigger nasal swelling.

4. Stinging Nettle. A natural alternative to antihistamines, nettle inhibits the body’s ability to produce histamines.

5. Acupuncture. Acupuncture stimulates strategic points in the body, encouraging it to heal naturally. This Fox News article highlights a study in which patients treated with Chinese herbs and acupuncture demonstrated a marked level of allergy relief.

If you suffer from allergies, we hope you find the perfect remedy so you – and your IonLoop sports bracelets – can get outside and enjoy life!


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