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New IonLoop Cycling Bracelets

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New IonLoop Cycling Bracelets

It is with pride and joy that we finally launch our new Cycling Bracelets Collection! As cycling has become more and more popular, our team could not miss out on the opportunity to offer a bracelet made just for cyclists. As our fans already know, our commitment to quality and innovation has taken us into a path of creativity when it comes to adding new designs to our magnetic, negative ion bracelets.

Cycling is currently being seen as the new golf and cycling communities have been sprouting across the country. The reasons that make this sport a great alternative for golfers (and those who could never quite get into golfing) are obvious:

1. Cycling is a more intense exercise and promotes good health
2. While many need to work long and hard on their golf game, biking is easy
3. It can be done alone or with a group
4. As in golf, you can still have a conversation while cycling
5.Depending on where you ride, you can see beautiful sceneries

The new cycling collection features two bracelets: A yellow cycling braceletfeatures a cyclist symbol and the word “attack” that has a special meaning to avid cyclists. Many use this term to convey tenacity, strength, and power. The black cycling bracelet features three overlapped cyclist symbol in a contemporary and sleek design.

As all IonLoop products, the new cycling collection bracelets were developed with our exclusive Ion Regeneration Technology™, to neutralize the destructive effects of our modern day environment. Each bracelet also contains powerful magnets that are many times more powerful than weak ferrite magnets used by IonLoop’s competitors.

Ionloop stands apart from the competition for offering a unique roster of designs that fit the taste of our ever-growing fan-base. All of our products combine style with the highest quality materials and the latest technology. Check out our new cycling bracelets today and share with your friends!

Bio Magnetic Bracelet: How Do They Work?

Ever since their introduction, magnetic wristbands have taken the world by storm. But contrary to popular belief, they’re not new! Ancient civilizations used to wear magnets to cure disease and promote a youthful appearance. Currently, there are only a few scientific studies on magnetism that are available. These studies examined the use of magnets for pain reduction and the results indicated that magnetism may be a useful remedy for those suffering from chronic pain. We as humans also have a magnetic field and electrical charge around us. How magnets influence our own electrical energy is not yet known. Despite this, people from all around the world continue to report positive effects after wearing their own bracelet.


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