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NEW! Skull and Crossbones Ion Bracelets!

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NEW! Skull and Crossbones Ion Bracelets!Have you ever heard of the Legend of the Three Skulls? Our newest addition, the skull and crossbones bracelet has a great story behind it. The IonLoop team recently became aware of this legend and has developed a negative ion bracelet with the very trendy three skulls and crossbones figures. Let us share this story with you:

The legend of the three skulls finds it roots in the notorious pirate port of Cartagena, Columbia around 1640. Cartagena was known as one of the great fortified treasure ports of the Spanish Main and a prime target for French and English pirates of the day. The Spanish developed a method to warn silver laden ships arriving from the south of pirate activity in the area by positioning ensigns on the rock out cropping’s at the entrance of the harbor.

These banners displayed three skull & crossbones which served as a warning to proceed with care. The plan seemed to work and many lives and thousands of pounds of treasure were saved over the next few years. As time went by, the sailors’ of the region became convinced that this symbol was a sign of safe passage and good luck…in short order the banners began appearing throughout the Caribbean Sea.

IonLoop adds the legend to its collection of negative ion bracelets as way for loyal customers to display the symbols in the belief that it may in fact actually be true and provide safe travel and good luck. The Skulls and Crossbones bracelets are the latest addition to our “What’s Now” collection. This unique collection includes colorful bracelets adorned with the Peace sign, Courage, Believe, and the Christian Fish symbol.

As all of IonLoop negative ion bracelets, the skulls and crossbones bracelet contains our proprietary Ion Regeneration Technology™, to neutralize the destructive effects of positive ions in our modern day environment. Additionally, each skull and crossbones bracelet contains powerful magnets that are many times more powerful than weak ferrite magnets used by our Japanese competitors. These small but powerful magnets are aligned in the magnet case in an alternating polarity ± alignment which enhances the natural effects of the magnet therapy.

Check out our “ What’s Now” collection today!




The Differences Between a Magnetic Necklace and Ion Bracelet

Are you having trouble deciding between buying magnetic jewelry or negative ion jewelry? While they both may have beneficial effects on the human body, they both have very different mechanisms of action. Magnetic jewelry uses powerful magnets to deliver the benefits of magnetic therapy for the wearer. On the other hand, ion bracelets use negative ion technology to counteract the effects of harmful positive ions. Both are great options for people who need a little boost in their day. You can even wear both at the same time!


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