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Relax at Work With Negative Ion Bracelets

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Stress Relief With Negative Ion Bracelets

While they can’t control the unreasonable demands your boss puts on you, negative ion bracelets may be highly beneficial in helping to decreasing your stress at work.

Positive Ions and Office Stress
Positive ions, which are found in incredibly high doses at the office, are said to increase both stress and depression levels.

Early research shows that positive electrical charges can specifically cause:
• Irritation
• Exhaustion
• Hyperthyroidism

And while our bodies need a minimum of 1,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter, we only get about 100 while indoors, according to one study.

Reducing Stress at the Office
An article in Nutrition Review summarized a study that showed that negative ions can help protect the body from stress. Additionally, this exposure had a positive affect on sleep. Negative ions increase blood flow and oxygen delivery, resulting in higher alertness and energy.

Wearing an IonLoop negative ion bracelet is a simple way to boost negative ion exposure during a typical workday.

Poor Breathing Quality in the Great Indoors
Positively charged environments have also been linked to asthma and respiratory allergies, as positive ions are shown to disrupt the bronchial system.

Negative ions may protect against airborne germs in the air as well.

Better Breathing Through Negative Ions

Negative ions, and negative ion bracelets, are literally a breath of fresh air.

Ongoing testimonials from IonLoop customers report feeling more energized during exercise when wearing their silicone bracelets.

IonLoop Negative Ion Bracelets for Work
Now that you understand the effects of positive and negative ions on the body, we’d like to suggest a couple of office-appropriate negative ion wristbands:

• IonThins: These silicone wristbands are a subtle way to wear your negative ions. Thin and discreet, these negative ion bracelets are offered in multiple colors to coordinate with your entire wardrobe.
• Braided Series: IonLoop carries silicone magnetic bracelets that feature a stylish braided band. Choose classic brown or black colors for a conservative look.

Shop IonLoop today. Try your negative ion wristband at the office for a couple of weeks and write in to let us know how you feel. You’ll be amazed! 


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