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UV Rays Harm Sport Performance

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UV Rays Harm Sport Performance

Many professional athletes believe in the power of this new technology; baseball players seem to prefer the necklaces which are braided to match their team colors. Golfers wear bracelets, some of which contain magnets as well as the negative ions. This past summer Olympic track athletes, like the ones shown in the picture, opted to wear multiple colorful adidas negative ion bracelets.

I sail and play golf and rely on negative ions to keep me focused and fight off fatigue. The negative ions are absorbed into the body over time; customers tell us that after a few weeks of wearing a bracelet or necklace they notice the difference in the way they feel. Hard to quantify but they seem to feel different…no medical claim just antidotal comments.

Give one of the many products available online a try and let us know if you can report improved sports performance.

Many athletes’ look for that little edge while competing in their given sport….we have some thoughts on how negative ion products may help. Competing outdoors in the sun will fatigue any player and reduce the likelihood of peak performance.

As most of us know the sun gives off harmful UV rays, the most widely known danger is the potential damage to human skin. There is also a lesser known harmful effect of these positively charged UV rays; fatigue causing positive ions. 

The body needs to fight off these positive ions and one way to accomplish this is by introducing negative ions into the equation. Bracelets and necklaces which may contain different types of negative ions may do the trick.

The Benefits of Magnetism: What Do Magnetic Bracelets Do

Have you ever wondered how magnetic bracelets work? For thousands of years, cultures around the world have relied upon magnetic energy for healing the ill. While there are only a limited number of studies performed on the use of magnets, it’s believed that they might influence our body’s very own electrical field by improving circulation and correcting electrical imbalances. Many people who wear these bracelets report better focus, more energy, and faster recovery from workouts. If you’re interested in seeing how a bracelet may benefit you, you can buy one today with free shipping through IonLoop.


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