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What's the Right Ion Wristband for You?

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What's the Right Ion Wristband for You?

When it comes to IonLoop’s infused silicone wristbands, there’s something for everyone.

The key to selecting which ion technology product is right for you is in knowing the differences and understanding how to get the most out of your sports wristband.

Magnetic IonLoops vs. Non-Magnetic IonThins

  • IonThins are silicone wristbands infused with negative Ions. While positive Ions from UV rays, cell phones and computers drain our energy, we continually receive testimonials of decreased fatigue from people who wear our negative Ion infused products.
  • Evidence suggests that wristbands with magnets can increase activity in the blood flow, which in turn would result in a more efficient flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The original magnet IonLoop band is also infused with negative ions.
  • Used together, these technologies could increase your energy levels, expedite recovery, and alleviate stress.

Why Not Always Wear IonLoop Wristbands with Magnets?

IonThins, our non-magnetic negative ion band, is much smaller in width as well as lighter weight, which some customers prefer.

Some customers will switch between magnet IonLoop wristbands and non-magnet IonThins to test feeling the difference.

Some people, for example those with pacemakers, have to avoid magnetic products but can still enjoy IonThins.

Non-Magnetic Negative Ion Favorites

  • IonLoop’s limited edition Adidas Sport negative ion wristband is a super stylish way to get your daily dose of negative ions. The infused silicone band features a hologram logo on one side and a small silicon logo on the other.
  • A standard favorite is the IonThin, a small silicone band that comes in a variety of mix-and-matchable colors. Makes a great addition to the magnet IonLoop wristband; they can be worn in conjunction!
  • Ion Necklaces are a unisex product packed with negative Ions that offer our customers a way to get the technology the love without wearing something on their wrist, or even better, in addition to it!
  • Black Stripe wristbands are made of negative ion infused Nylon, and offer a non-silicone option.

Personalize your look by combining these collections, and get the most of IonLoop technology! 


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