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Can I Go on a Golf Trip During COVID-19?

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Can I Go on a Golf Trip During COVID-19?The COVID-19 pandemic has reinvented how we both work and play. While golf has enjoyed an increase in popularity as the ideal socially distanced sport, the pandemic has placed restrictions on the game and questions remain, like whether golf trips are possible during this time.

It turns out, golf trips most certainly are possible but come with the COVID-19-related caveat that restrictions do apply.

Here, we take you through a few travel tips and offer suggestions for what you should keep in mind before embarking on your first golf trip during this persistent pandemic.

Planning Your Golf Trip During the Pandemic

Before you embark on your first golf trip since the start of the pandemic, you’ll want to keep in mind a few practical considerations. There’s no need to miss exciting opportunities like playing on Tiger Woods’ first public golf course; but before you travel to Payne’s Valley, take a look at our suggestions for a successful golf trip.

The good news is, the game itself hasn’t changed much -- or at least, the changes are arguably consistent from green to green with restrictions enforced almost uniformly between clubhouses.

According to a course-ranking panelist for Golf Digest:

The golf itself has actually been really consistent across the places I have played. Masks and social distancing are expected in the clubhouse areas. Carts are wiped down after each use. Rakes have been removed from bunkers. Ball stoppers have been placed in the holes, so you don’t have to touch the flag. No water coolers on the courses. Those are very minimal inconveniences for me; they don’t really take away from the golf experience.”

The biggest changes that golfers need to concern themselves with come down to logistics. We consider the following three -- travel, meals, and group size -- among the most important:

Travel: Does your destination give visitors the green light?

Some states are deterring visitors and requiring any who do arrive to self-quarantine for two weeks. Popular golf destinations abroad like the UK have banned non-essential travel, making golf trips impossible for now. Make sure you’re clear on the expectations of your intended destination before you book anything.

Meals: Where will you and your fellow golfers eat?

Expect meal options to be limited, especially when it comes to restaurants and bars. Patio dining is often the only option right now (weather-permitting, of course) and clubhouse restaurants are not necessarily operational. Unlike previous golf trips, you’ll have to put more thought into meal planning.

Group size: What is manageable with respect to current restrictions?

As you know, “the more the merrier” is not exactly the encouraged approach to gatherings and events these days. You might have to knock down the number of travelers for this trip in order to better manage social distancing requirements. That said, it might be easier than you think -- not everyone is comfortable traveling right now and some of your companions might be happier sitting this one out and staying at home.

Ultimately, the name of the golf game during COVID-19 is don’t take anything for granted. Communication is key to ensuring that you meet any necessary requirements. Make sure you know what changes will impact your plans. Double check expectations and don’t leave anything, like securing your spot on the tee sheet, to the last minute.

By taking a proactive approach to your travel plans, you can still enjoy a golf trip despite the changes caused by COVID-19. Before you go, steady yourself against travel fatigue and the stress of uncertainty with an IonLoop negative ion bracelet or IonLoop magnet bracelet.


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