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Can You Go Green and Say Goodbye to Bugs?

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Can You Go Green and Say Goodbye to Bugs?

Organic Bug Spray: Does it Really Work?

Summer activities go hand in hand with outdoor adventures, which can mean hiking, bonfires, camping, fishing, you name it! Unfortunately, outdoor adventures can also mean encounters with bugs like ticks, flies, and mosquitoes. For many of us, the name of these insects alone make our skin crawl! Even so, those who love the great outdoors tend to be concerned about its welfare and avoid using products that release harmful chemicals into the environment.

If this sounds like you, chances are you’ve considered swapping the DEET for an organic bug spray. The question is: while organic bug sprays don’t pose a threat to the environment, do they really work to keep bugs away?

Although the research and consumer reviews on organic bug spray might be a mixed bag, you can count on any IonLoop athletic bracelet to enhance your outdoor adventures by protecting you from excessive exposure to positive ions while harnessing the natural benefits of negative ions.

Why Opt for Organic Bug Spray?

The best defense against pesky summertime pests comes down to common sense habits, like adequate clothing coverage -- tucking pants into socks while walking in tall grasses, for example, not straying from the path in the woods, and, of course, insect repellant. These sprays can be a saving grace but often have a very strong scent that many of us find off-putting, even if it works.

Organic bug sprays offer a gentler and more satisfying scent and feel on the skin. This is great, but the question is: Do organic bug sprays really work as well as the typical bug spray?

This is a tricky question.

Even though many organic sprays feature the two active ingredients proven effective in bug sprays -- picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus -- the third ingredient required for full coverage is manufactured and therefore would not fit the standard of a natural or organic spray.

In an attempt to compensate for this missing ingredient, organic bug sprays often contain other, additional oils and plant-based chemicals, such as lemongrass and soybean oil.

Unfortunately, these additives, while natural, are not as effective. However, the most important ingredient to have in a bug spray is the oil of lemon eucalyptus. This can be applied directly to the skin and does still offer effective protection against most insects.

While an organic spray might not offer the same full coverage as a traditional bug spray, if it contains the oil of lemon eucalyptus ingredient, it will still repel bugs and insects away from you. To keep the organic spray in your life, perhaps use it for outdoor activities that do not involve venturing into the deep woods. Organic bug spray should be adequate for time spent sitting or reading outside, going for a walk, or heading out for a bike ride.


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