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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with an IonLoop Sport Bracelets

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with an IonLoop Sport Bracelets

If you haven’t noticed, Valentine’s Day is approaching and many folks will be looking for ways to show their family, friends, and loved ones how much they care. School children will give candy and cards for this popular gifting event, but what about the rest of us?

Jewelry is a Popular Gift for Valentine’s Day

While some may struggle to come up with the most unique and personalized gift for their significant other, recent surveys from the National Retail Federation show that traditional gifts like candy, flowers, and jewelry are actually the big winners for this holiday of love and devotion.

In fact, jewelry is among the 7 most popular Valentine’s gifts in the U.S. for both men and women, next to old standbys like candy and flowers. This year, why not give your special someone or beloved family members a gift they will benefit from and truly love, like one of our signature IonLoop sports bracelets with magnetic and/or negative ion technology?

The gift of negative ion therapy is great for teachers, friends, or your spouse or special someone. Try some of our best-selling products like the Tech Cord series, Leather Series, our customizable statement series, or our ever popular Tri Loop pack for a simple and functional gift.

Better yet, gift an IonTime sports watch and the receiver can benefit from a MEGA dose of negative ions + magnets!

Why Give the Gift of IonLoop?

There are many studies that point to the effectiveness of technology sport bracelets. Negative ion bracelets in particular, which provide protection against positive ions, are often sought out to help with general wellbeing.

There are many great features to our products, including:

  • Multiple Styles, Colors and sizes
  • Easy to Change and Update
  • Ability to Support a Cause
  • Stack-able Options
  • Affordable Prices
  • Technology Benefits

Our signature IonLoop bracelets leverage the natural benefits of top-notch ion technology, while also redirecting the natural flow of your own magnetic field through magnets.

Well Being Benefits may include:

  • Faster Healing and Recovery
  • Mental Sharpness
  • Negative Ion Benefits

If you happen to experience the “winter blue” feelings or other negative thoughts during the Valentine’s season, you can combat that gloomy disposition with a dose of negative ions as well!

Valentine’s Day Specials at IonLoop

To celebrate Valentine’s, we are offering a two special Tri Loop paks:

  • TRI LOOP LOVE - Special edition Love bracelet along with 2 White Pearl IonThins is a sleek and simple look. This limited special pack goes for only $20 ($11 savings).
  • TRI LOOP SOLO CORD – Our NEW Apple Red Solo Cord bracelet along with 2 White Pearl IonThins is loaded with negative ions for a cool stacking look. This limited special pack goes for only $38 ($1 3 savings).

As always, free shipping on all US orders.

Don’t spend the coming days scrambling to find perfect gifts for your significant other and family members – try a Tri-Loop pack for everyone, or personally style your gifts for those you love most.  

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