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​Considering a Career as a Caddy?

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Considering a Career as a Caddy?

There are countless reasons why someone might reimagine their career. Certainly, a global pandemic might top that list. For anyone who loves golf but is secure enough in themselves to realize they aren’t exactly pro material, a career as a caddy might be the ideal alternative.

If you’re considering a career shift and always wondered what it takes to be a caddy, read on…

Make Preparation a Priority

Talent on the green isn’t limited to professional golfers. It takes a great deal of skill to step up as a caddy and offer strategic support. For those of you interested in embarking on a career dedicated to the game, check out these tips on how to become a caddy.

Take Every Advantage to Learn the Landscape

By this we mean take advantage of any opportunity you can to up your game. Check in with the Professional Caddies Association (PCA) to access the education you need to be taken seriously -- whether through available apprenticeships or trainings. Local golf courses can be a great source of these opportunities, so be sure to spend significant time on site.

Remember: Professional Development is Personal

If you want to support a great golfer you should try to be one to the best of your ability. This doesn’t necessarily require breaking 80, but it does mean taking the game seriously enough to get better at it however you can. Think of it this way -- as a caddy, you want to support top talent, so you should want to represent the best version of yourself on the green. Be worthy of the job by committing to your strongest swing.

Communicate and Connect

If you don’t share your plans with those around you, they won’t be able to advocate on your behalf. Make it a point to chat with caddies and discover as much as you can from first hand sources about what the job entails and how to find your first opportunity. Like most coveted jobs, caddies are often found through referrals. All the more reason to keep in close communication with those in the industry who might be able to connect you with your first chance to caddy and take a swing at your career.


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