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Cross-training for Runners and Golfers

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Negative Ion Sports Bracelets for Faster Recovery

Training for dedicated athletes typically means improving their game. Runners run daily to improve their speed and increase their endurance. Golfers spend time on the green, working on their stroke and improving their aim. However, recent research suggests that cross training can be equally as important and beneficial for athletes.

Cross training allows for athletes to hone skills and build muscles that they might not use during their own sport. Cross-training can also reduce the risk of injury as it alleviates stress on more commonly used muscles and joints. There are several types of cross training activities pursued by runners and golfers and recommended by their coaches.

Negative Ion Sports Bracelets for Faster Recovery

All cross training routines may be enhanced by the regular use of negative ion and magnetic therapy. IonLoop negative ion bracelets can boost performance and reduce recovery time between workouts. Boosting your performance can give you that edge you need to take your game to the next level. Traditional and cross training, combined with the use of ion therapy, can help you to achieve your workout goals.

Yoga Reduces Stress and Injury Risk

Yoga is a time honored practice in eastern cultures that has recently become popular in the west. Yoga, from simple stretching and healing to strengthening and core building, can boost athletic performance.

Any repetitive movement, such as running or swinging a golf club, will eventually cause an imbalance within the muscular system, which can lead to injury. By incorporating yoga into an existing routine, athletes can:

  • Improve their overall performance
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase muscle tone

As an added bonus, yoga also incorporates meditation and mindfulness, so participants can reduce stress and indulge in relaxation at the same time they are exercising.

Weight Training for Speed and Strength

Adding weight training into an existing schedule can have several benefits, especially for runners. A recent study found that runners training over 20 miles per week who incorporated weight training into their routine three times a week used approximately 3.8 to 4.5 percent less oxygen compared to a control group. This could shave at least a couple of minutes off a runners 10k time, which is especially a benefit marathon athletes.

Golfers benefit most from full body weight training as opposed to isolated muscle building. This type of weight training, involves properly lifting weights from the ground to above the waist, shoulders and head, strengthens many muscle groups at once which reduces the risk of injuries.

Bicycling for Endurance and Reducing Stress

Bicycling is a low impact sport that can build muscle, speed and endurance. Bicycling:

  • Increases cardiovascular fitness
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Strengthens bones
  • Decreases stress

Cycling uphill, either on a regular bike or stationary bike, can quickly build calf and hamstring strength without the risk of injury associated with high impact running. This can especially benefit long distance runners by increasing their overall speed. 

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