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Customized Promotional Logo Bracelets

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The Wide World of Customized Promotional Logo BraceletsPromotional logo bracelets have become all the rage! Thanks to their style and heralded health benefits, people of all ages and professions are wearing IonLoop Custom silicone bracelets.

Custom Bracelets with Technology

Our bracelets are not simply promotional logo rubber bracelets that are throwaways. IonLoop bracelets actually offer negative ion producing technology; people will enjoy wearing your logo because this bracelet has a purpose!

Who Uses IonLoop Custom Silicone Bracelets?

Who doesn’t?? From large companies like adidas, Polo, HSBC, to small businesses and High School fund raisers; IonLoop’s magnetic custom bracelets are a powerful branding opportunity with the broadest selection of colors in America.

How Are Clients Using Promotional Logo Bracelets?

Customizable bracelets are typically used for business promotional items, resort branding, event promotions and fundraising.

  • Promotional items for business: Use it to increase brand awareness, or inspire your own team to think big with an IonLoop custom silicone bracelet that includes an inspirational word or phrase.
  • Resort gifts: Premium resorts like Pinehurst and Sandy Lane Resort use customized wristbands to offer their guests as keepsakes.
  • Event promotions: Make your golf tournament or business event even more memorable with a promotional logo bracelet.
  • Fundraising: School sports program budgets are stretched... customizable bracelets are a cool, easy fundraiser.

More Than Just Customized Wristbands?

Yes! For those with tech-savvy clients, IonLoop also offers customizable iPad and iPhone covers.

Whatever you choose, you can bet your IonLoop custom product will be fashionable, colorful, eye-catching, and also useful!

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