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Fight Diabetes One IonLoop Bracelet at a Time

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Fight Diabetes One IonLoop Bracelet at a Time

November is American Diabetes Month – the designated time to raise the most awareness about the disease. How can you help? Plenty of awareness programs have been created by the American Diabetes Association®, and there are other methods outside of the organization that you can explore as well, including an IonLoop sports bracelet.

American Diabetes Association Awareness Programs

The awareness programs available target several demographics of people, including African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, American Indians, older adults, families and more.

The organization promotes the following five ways of being proactive in fighting diabetes: becoming an advocate; participating in a run, walk or bicycling event, volunteering or donating money.

Raising Diabetes Awareness With IonLoop

Since there is not yet a recognizable symbol for diabetes (like the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon), a sports band is the perfect way to open up discussions in your community. Consider these options from IonLoop:

Customized Promotional Logo Bracelets: If you’re part of an organization or team that is raising diabetes awareness, IonLoop recommends ordering logo bracelets that allow you to brand your silicone wristband. You can also purchase them and sell them in a fundraiser!

Medical Alert Series: Whether you have Type 1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, a diabetic-branded negative ion bracelet can make a life or death difference. Keep your magnetic bracelet on in the event of a diabetic episode requiring medical attention.

Getting Healthier With a Negative Ion Bracelet

Many can attest to the perceived benefits of our silicone wristbands. Many have reported feeling better and more energetic, resulting in improved athletic performance. Negative ion technology may offer the boost you need to live the healthiest lifestyle you can.

Additionally, magnetic technology, which may increase blood flow, could offer the energy boost you need to take your positive lifestyle to the next level.


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