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Fitness Tracker Trends and Magnetic Sport Bracelets

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Fitness Trackers and Magnetic Sport Bracelets

In today’s gadget-driven world, many folks are seen jogging, cycling, or golfing while wearing a fitness tracker such as a Fitbit, Mio, or other brand. Fitness trackers were big in 2015, and continue to be popular in 2016. PCMag even published a nice comparison guide to some of the most popular fitness trackers so you can figure out which one is right for you.

Fitness trackers are typically found in a wristband, watch, or clip-on style, equipped with a small LCD screen, heart rate monitor, step-counter, and sometimes a GPS or sleep monitor. They are compact and easy to wear, which make them easy to pair with our small and sleek ion wristbands for that added edge.

How Fitness Trackers and Magnetic Sport Bands Work Together

Along with fitness tracking devices, these days you see plenty of athletes wearing magnetic sports bracelets for their best performance. Fitness trackers help us manage progress and set goals, and sports bands can help us achieve those goals through increased mental focus and faster workout recovery.

Magnet Bracelet Benefits – Evidence suggests that magnets may increase activity in the blood flow, resulting in a more efficient flow of oxygen and nutrients through the body. Magnets work with the Earth’s own magnetic field to promote healthy regeneration and healing.

Negative Ion Benefits: It is thought that negative ions counteract and balance the effects of positive ions present in the air all around us. Some studies suggest that continuous exposure to negative ions may provide higher level of focus and performance, and shortened recovery time after workouts or illness.

Don’t take it from us though, read our customer testimonials!

Best Sport Bracelets: IonLoop Negative Ion Wristband

At IonLoop you can choose from necklaces and wristbands that offer purely natural negative ion technology, magnetic properties, or both! Our negative ion and magnetic bracelets are the best out there for athletes hoping to stay on game.

IonThins - Crafted in waterproof, medical grade silicon in a variety of colors, and packed with negative ions, they can go to the track, the summit, the pool or the golf course – IonThins are made for all your activities.

Magnet Bracelets - Our magnetic bracelets come in a large selection of colors and styles including our Runners Series, Tennis Series, Cyling Series, Golf Series, our highly customizable Statement Series, and more. All contain magnets specifically positioned to emit with the maximum amount of magnetic power possible.

Cord and Braided Leather Bracelets – These are some of our newest and most popular styles, due to their trendy on-or-off-the-field look. Comes in double or single wrap in a variety of colors.

If you run, cycle, golf, hike, or swim, we recommend pairing your fitness tracker with a magnetic bracelet or negative ion band for a combination of style, form, and function. 

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