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​Give IonLoop this Father’s Day

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Give IonLoop this Father’s Day

For those of you fretting about what to get your dear old dad for Father’s Day, fear not -- we’ve got you covered. IonLoop’s negative ion bracelets are ideal gifts for dads, whatever their style. Think your dad won’t dig jewelry? Our recent blog post, “For the Fashion-Forward Fellas” might prove you wrong.

Defend Dad’s Health and Wellness

Though we think you should celebrate dad every day, Father’s Day is a great reminder and reason to check in with the man who raised you. Whether your dad is the picture of health and just as active in his middle-aged or even his golden years as he was while a young man, IonLoop negative ion bracelets are an ideal accessory for everyone.

From golf pros to amateur athletes, IonLoop negative ion technology can offer a physical and psychological boost to anyone, regardless of athletic ability.

Understanding Ions

No matter where we go, we are always surrounded by ions. While we need negative ions, positive ions are best avoided or, at the very least, counter-balanced. Positive ions are produced all around us -- from the sun’s UV rays to the abundance of electronics in our lives, positive ions have been shown to pose a significant threat to both physical and mental health. Symptoms of positive ion poisoning can be signaled by fatigue, increased inflammation, chronic pain, and depression.

Trust in Tourmaline

Nature has an answer for positive ion’s punch -- tourmaline. Known to produce a wealth of negative ions, tourmaline is a mineral that is infused into IonLoop negative ion bracelets. Granted, negative ions can be found in other natural sources -- from waterfalls to the beach and beyond, but wearing a tourmaline-enriched negative ion bracelet ensures that you always have negative ion protection, anytime, and every place.

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