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Tourmaline: The Secret Behind Negative Ion Wristbands

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Tourmaline: The Secret Behind Negative Ion Wristbands

How do Therapy Bracelets Work Their Magic?

If you’ve ever wondered how something as small as a wellness wristband can generate so much talk about its benefits, here’s the secret:


Tourmaline is a very special and rather unusual mineral that has the uncanny ability to generate negative ions and emit balancing electrical waves. Tourmaline minerals are a safe and natural ways to carry the benefits of negative ions with you every day.

We have submitted our negative ion bands and magnets to a third party scientific lab to determine if there are any hazardous materials present. The Ionloop product passed all testing protocols, you may view the complete test in the FAQ Negative Ion section of this website.

With regards to the question of radiation...Dr. Vince Holahan Ph.D. at the NRC has written a blog which talks about the safety of negative ion bands, click the link below. To quote Dr Holahan “While they may be radioactive, these products are not expected to create any health impacts. The amount of radiation given off by these products is well below the level that would cause any health concern or illness, even if worn over several years.” It seems that Dr. Holahan is not on board with regards to the benefits of negative ions, but he is clear that they do not present a health risk.

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