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Tourmaline: The Secret Behind Negative Ion Wristbands

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Tourmaline: The Secret Behind Negative Ion Wristbands

How do Therapy Bracelets Work Their Magic?

If you’ve ever wondered how something as small as a wellness wristband can generate so much talk about its benefits, here’s the secret:


Tourmaline is a very special and rather unusual mineral that has the uncanny ability to generate negative ions and emit balancing electrical waves. Tourmaline minerals are a safe and natural ways to carry the benefits of negative ions with you every day.

However, be warned – not all ionic wristbands use tourmaline. Countless brands rely on radioactive materials and other byproducts from foreign countries that emit harmful levels of radiation. If you’re looking to buy a negative ion bracelet, make sure you look for a brand that performs extensive safety testing and is willing to provide lab results publicly.

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