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How to Detox From Sugar

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How to Detox From Sugar

The holidays are over, and maybe you’re feeling like a break from cookies and cakes, or searching for that perfect juice or cleanse recipe. Actually, a break from processed sugar is a good idea any time of year.

Why Kick Sugar?

While sugar does provide energy, the rush doesn’t last, and usually leads to a crash. Sugar is addictive, and high sugar consumption has been linked to heart disease, cancer, dementia, type-2 diabetes, depression, and acne.

If you consistently indulge in sugary foods, your body becomes resistant to insulin, which can lead to more fat gain and higher risk of diabetes.

Tips for Detoxing From Sugar

If you’re ready make a change, here are some guidelines for kicking the sugar habit. It takes about 10 days to break the cycle of carb and sugar cravings that may hinder your optimal performance, so be patient with yourself.

  • Go Cold Turkey - Make a decision to detox, and then go for it! Stop consuming all forms of sugar, flour products, and artificial sweeteners all at once. Avoid products containing glucose, fructose, sucrose and corn syrup. Ideally, for 10 days you should eat real, whole, fresh food, and avoid any food from a box, package, or can.
  • Protein, Protein, Protein - At every meal. Consuming 4-6 ounces of protein per meal is the key to fighting cravings and keeping your blood sugar in balance. Boiled eggs or a protein shake are a great way to start the day.
  • Carb It Up - That’s right, you can eat unlimited carbohydrates – as long as they are the right ones. Good carbs come in the form of greens, such as anything in the broccoli family (cauliflower, kale, collards). Asparagus, green beans, mushrooms, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, artichokes, and peppers are all tasty forms of good carbs.
  • Watch What you Drink – Liquid calories often account for the largest portion of our sugar intake. Sodas, alcohol, and juice all have hidden calories, and often way more sugar than you need. Even some sports drinks contain hidden sugars, which should be avoided.
  • Fatten Up – Not literally. But you do want to make sure each meal is balanced with good fats from things like nuts and seeds, avocados, coconut oil, or EVOO.
  • Be Prepared – For those times when you’re on the go or faced with less than ideal food options, carry an emergency snack pack containing dried fruits and nuts, dried turkey or salmon, or fresh fruit. Always have water on hand.

Remember that this is a process, and be proud of your decision to be your best! We hope that reduced sugar intake will help you feel better and improve your performance, just like wearing your negative ion or magnet and negative ion sport bracelet.

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