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​How to Stay Healthy Behind a Computer

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How to Stay Healthy Behind a Computer

Start with an IonLoop Negative Ion Bracelet

Let's face it — although we seem to be well on our way out of these dark COVID-19 times, there doesn’t seem to be much promise when it comes to a post-pandemic return to the workplace.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; working from home is convenient and can be easier, especially for people with young kids who can now stay home with them while also getting work done… or trying to.

However, whether in the office or at home, we should always be vigilant when it comes to screen time, specifically the threat it can pose to our overall health and well-being.

Fortunately, countering these harmful effects can be as simple as an accessory.

Check out how IonLoop’s negative ion bracelets can help protect you from the stressors of screen time…

Combating the Harmful Effects of Excessive Screen Time

For most people, working from home means staring at a screen for numerous hours every day — sometimes even more than we would be staring at a screen at work.

We know how bad screens can be for our mental and physical health, so what’s the solution? Not doing the work isn’t really an option, so how should you go about balancing the sometimes-necessary evil of excessive screen time in a healthy way?

We’re glad you asked…

Research suggests that exposure to negative ions can reduce symptoms of depression, activate the body’s systems and cognitive performance, and promote antimicrobial activity.

But how does this relate to working from home?

Utilizing Negative Ions For Better Performance

Working from home means less social interaction, and less social interaction can mean that we feel disconnected from our peers. Wearing negative ions can help alleviate feelings of sadness and sometimes reduce symptoms of depression. If you ever feel sad about being stuck behind a computer, consider trying an IonLoop bracelet, supported by negative ion technology.

It also can be hard to stay motivated when working from home. Exposure to negative ions could possibly accelerate your performance and boost daytime energy levels.

Research also shows that negative ions can help with the harmful effects of environmental stressors.

Negative Ions Keep You Strong Behind Screens

If you do find yourself back in the office, despite the Covid-climate, you can also benefit from the effects of an IonLoop bracelet. We recognize that workplace stress is a very real thing, but negative ions can actually lessen its impact.

Whether you’re busy working from home or have finally managed to make it back into the office, IonLoop’s negative ion bracelet is here to support you!

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