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Introducing a Truly Innovative Ion Necklace

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IonLoop introduces a truly innovative Ion Necklace

Negative Ions = Positive Vibes™

They are finally here! After many requests for ion necklaces, IonLoop has added a special ion necklace to its collection of unique and innovative ion accessories.
More than that, we are launching the most original silicone Ion Necklace to hit the market in years! As it is our mantra to continuously add unique designs to our products, our new necklaces could not be different.

The new IonLoop necklaces come in our popular Jet Black and Pearl White colors but there’s more color to these exclusive necklaces! The exceptionally unique aspect of this novel product is the development of the exclusive ˚Wheels™ kIT which allows for hundreds of distinct customization possibilities and color combinations. It is fashion and function at its best!

Each necklace comes with four °Wheels™ but the IonLoop fan can buy a very affordable separate °Wheels™ kIT. This exclusive kIT contains 22 silicone rings in multiple colors, allowing you to create a necklace with the colors of your favorite team, school, or your country to root during the upcoming Olympic Games. Plus, adding and removing the °Wheels™ is so easy that they can be changed daily.

We are excited to see our customer base growing every day! We know that our loyal customers keep coming back and recommending us to their friends because we offer not only an incredibly effective ion and magnet products but we also continuously offer fresh and creative designs. Fashion and function is what sets us apart from the Asian competitors…we get it and we are having fun with it!

In today’s era of ever expanding technology—cell phones, BlackBerrys, Smart Phones and all electronic devices that we are surrounded with give off high levels of positive ions. The new IonLoop necklaces help the body fight back with one of the highest levels of negative ion content in the industry.

Charlie Rymer Bracelet: What’s He Wearing?

Charlie Rymer is a popular professional American golfer who’s participated in his fair share of tournaments. And if you’ve seen him on television, you just may have noticed he enjoys wearing a very special type of wristband. Also known as an IonLoop, these therapeutic bracelets are purchased by people around the world who are looking to increase their performance throughout the day. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a famous athlete to acquire one. IonLoop wristbands are available to everyone and they come in numerous styles and varieties to match your daily attire. Order for free shipping in the USA today.


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