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IonLoop Urges You to Unplug this Friday

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IonLoop Urges You to Unplug this FridayIn honor of National Day of Unplugging, the IonLoop team urges our customers to get on board and get away from all things electronic for a full 24 hours. This includes cell phones, laptops, and social media.

Why should you walk away from technology and check in with nature for a change? How can IonLoop’s negative ion bracelets support your efforts, long-term?

Head Offline for Optimal Health

If the idea of being off-line for an entire day feels daunting, simply announce that you’re observing #NationalDayOfUnplugging on your social sites ahead of time and then… unplug and unwind.

What are the benefits of taking a time out from technology?

At IonLoop, we’ve known that overexposure to electronics can deplete the body’s stores of negative ions, which can compromise your mental, physical, and emotional well being. That knowledge helped us develop the negative ion bracelets worn by professional and amateur athletes, alike -- not to mention anyone who is concerned with combatting the toll the digital age takes on their health.

Most of us are bombarded by positive ions on a daily basis. Whether from our personal cell phones or professional laptops and computers, positive ions surround us practically all the time.

While technology has its value and most of couldn’t -- or wouldn’t want to -- live without it, escaping from electronics on a regular basis offers a boon to your well-being. Ion bracelets can boost those benefits even further.

The trick is to offset the positive ions polluting our body with negative ions from natural sources. A simple walk in the woods or seaside stroll can help replenish your body’s negative ions stores, increasing feelings of calm and groundedness.

How can you regularly reap the benefits of negative ions?

Support Nature’s Negative Ions with IonLoop Accessories

Of course, it’s unrealistic for most of us to avoid electronics indefinitely. At some point, we must get back to the office, respond to that mountain of emails, and return those calls. But, you can access a consistent source of negative ions with the right accessory.

IonLoop has developed an entire line of men’s and women’s negative ion bracelets, wristbands, and watches to help counteract the influx of positive ions and support the strength of negative ions. Durable, waterproof, stylish, and even customizable, there is an IonLoop accessory for everyone.

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