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Is Light Therapy the only way to combat Season for SAD?

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Is Light Therapy the only way to combat Season for SAD?The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us. Many are busily shopping for gifts, happily decorating their houses, and planning festive parties for celebration of one of the most joyous times of the year.

No one Wants to Be SAD during the Holidays …

For sufferers of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), with the holidays comes a number of unwanted effects like depressed mood, decrease in energy, loss of interest in usual activities, difficulty concentrating and weight gain due to cravings for carbs and comfort foods which abound during the holiday season (1).

December, January and February produce the worst symptoms for those unfortunate enough to experience the negative effects of seasonal depression, coinciding with a typical increase in social events, available “bad” food options, and required activities for full immersion into the spirit of the season. It can be difficult for those suffering from S.A.D. to enjoy the festivities while combating depression.

It is fairly well known that the use of light therapy (2) relieves symptoms by infusing the sufferer with high levels of Vitamin D, a boost in Serotonin, and a reduction of harmful increases in melatonin (3).

Negative Ion Treatment Produces Positive Effects for Sufferers of S.A.D.

Less well known is the use of high levels of negative ions to reduce symptoms and improve mood. In a 1998 study published by the Archives of General Psychiatry (Vol. 55, No. 10, pp. 872-882), four light conditions in 158 S.A.D. patients, as well as high and low levels of negative ions were introduced. Findings suggested that high levels of negative ions performed just as well as light therapy for the reduction of symptoms in participating individuals (4).

Negative ions abound in many natural settings and have a pronounced anti-depressant effect, according to multiple studies regarding the treatment (5). In the Winter months, many people spend less time outdoors for exercise and activities. Indoor settings such as gyms, at home workout rooms and entertainment facilities contain far fewer negative ions in the air than most outdoor settings.

For those with seasonal depression, this leads to an increase in symptoms and more difficulty in mitigating those symptoms. For this reason, many have found ways to increase their negative ion intake.

Ionize Your Environment …

Methods for the infusion of negative ions into the body include high density negative ionizers, like the Wein VI-2500 Vortex (6), which provide temporary relief from some symptoms but only when in use.

Accessorize and Ionize with Style …

Negative ion sport bracelets and jewelry are gaining popularity, especially among exercise and sports enthusiasts looking for a consistent level of negative ions as they go about their days at work, home or while exercising indoors throughout the Winter months.

There has been a particularly positive response to one company’s wide variety of negative ion sport jewelry styles and colors. IonLoop, founded in 2009 by Bob and Melissa Gotfredson, has capitalized on the growing popularity of negative ion jewelry by providing the largest selection of negative ion bracelets, necklaces and ion time watches available that appeal to an audience looking to enhance their style as they absorb the benefits of negative ion treatment.

Style abounds in the vast selection of sport bracelets and ion accessories from IonLoop. Stress reduction, air purification, and pain relief may be some of the many ionic bracelet benefits. They make excellent Christmas and holiday gifts for anyone looking to boost mood, energy and confidence, particularly for those on your gift list suffering from S.A.D.

Don’t let the adverse effects of seasonal change from sunlight filled days to dreary Winter months inhibit your enjoyment of this festive time of year. Visit today and select your favorite negative ion bracelet or accessory and fully appreciate all the holidays have to offer.


“I love my ionloop thins! I wear them every time I play and notice a sense of calm when I have them on. I truly feel a difference when I am not wearing them and they have helped me keep focused when I play. Also love that I can mix and match them to match what I am wearing.”

L. Keefe - Coppell, TX

I accidentally left my Ionloop at my gym, and it was turned into my trainer. He wore it for 2 days, before I went back to work out with him. He said - "order me one of these today. I can tell I feel better - my wrist doesn't hurt near as much." So I am ordering him one right now! They do work!!

Cherri - Austin TX

“I have been a manufactures representative for over 30 years and I wish my manufacturers showed your enthusiasm and stood behind their products. I will be buying several more of your bracelets for Christmas gifts.”

Bill – Wadsworth, IL








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