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Looking at Fatigue During the Lazy Days of Summer

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Looking at Fatigue During the Lazy Days of Summer

It’s a frustrating feeling when you’re determined to seize the long summer day, but don’t feel energized enough to roust yourself off the couch. Sound familiar? Fortunately, you’re not alone. Longer days and hotter temps leave many of us feeling listless and even entirely exhausted during the summer months. But, understanding the possible explanations behind this zapped energy might be enough to motivate you back into action. Here, we offer three temperature-related reasons why you might feel fatigue during the lazy days of summer

Reason #1 -- The Mercury Starts to Rise

Although it might seem like a no-brainer, it’s important to remind yourself that a spike in temperature will tax your body. If you’re used to mild temps and are suddenly confronted by a heatwave, either at home or while traveling, it’s reasonable to expect that your body will feel its effects. Those effects will likely translate as tiredness.


According to Dr. Michele Casey regional medical director at Duke Health, as reported in Scientific American’s Why Does Being in the Heat Make Us Feel Tired, "Your body, especially in the sun, has to work hard to maintain a consistent, normal, internal temperature."

Take heart and give yourself some time. Once you adjust to those extra degrees, you’ll reclaim your energy and feel more like yourself.

Reason #2 -- Your Hydration Took a Hit

Regardless of the reason -- travel, exercise, increased sun exposure -- if you’ve overlooked the importance of hydration, you’re going to feel drained. Staying hydrated is always critical, but often becomes more challenging during the intense summer months. Thirst is an immediate sign of dehydration, along with darker urine. Stay ahead of dehydration by sipping water in adequate amounts, and often. A quick check of your urine will also indicate how well hydrated you are -- light-colored or clear is a clue that you’re in good shape.

Reason #3 -- Not Enough Sleep

As if hot days aren’t enough to mess with your motivation, humid or hot nights can make it tough -- if not impossible -- to fall and stay asleep. In Learn to Sleep Well, Dr. Chris Idzikowski, cites temperatures in excess of 75 degrees can result in insomnia, or at least, difficulty maintaining healthy sleep patterns. However possible, establish a cool sleeping environment in order to rest up and feel recharged.

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