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​Natural Sources of Negative Ions

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Natural Sources of Negative Ions

With summer in full swing, IonLoop wants to focus on some natural sources that are rich in negative ions, along with some fun summer activities that you can do to take advantage of them.

As we’ve discussed before, negative ions are thought to counteract and balance the harmful effects of positive ions.

The world is made up of both positive and negative ions, and despite what the name suggests, negative ions are the good guys. They can be found in organic materials like fresh rain, trees, plants, and minerals -- not to mention IonLoop’s negative ion bracelets.

Summer Activities that Maximize Your Exposure to the “Good Guys”

In the summertime, we often take up more outdoor activities than we do in the winter months — but what better ways can you take advantage of the “good guys” (negative ions) all around us?

Negative ions exist in nature in a plethora of places, like the following:

-The beach air

-The ocean shore





-Water fountains





Research suggests that we should frequently interact with natural sources that have a high concentration of negative ions.

And in the summer, where there is so much to do outside, there's really no excuse not to!

The Outdoors are Rich in Negative Ions… and Fun Activities!

Some fun opportunities to encounter more negative ions can be found in water.

Kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, surfing — almost anything that includes a fresh or salty source of water is an easy, and not to mention FUN, way to treat yourself to a consistent stream of negative ions.

This world of ours is also rich in hiking trails and waterfalls -- more great sources of negative ions.

Summertime can also mean peak camping season, which also provides the potential to up your negative ion intake. From the trees to the bodies of water, even the dirt at camp grounds contains negative ions.

Let's not forget one of our favorites… the beach!

Ever wonder why you feel so good and refreshed after a day at the beach?

There's actually something in the air that not only smells good, but also boosts your mood. That something is negative ions. But they’re not just in the air, the beach is loaded with negative ions – tens of thousands of them actually.

Bring the benefits of the beach home with you by ordering our IonLoop Sand + Sea Coconut Shell Bead Bracelet -- made in Bali! This accessory pairs perfectly with any IonLoop negative ion bracelet and can be worn in the water or anywhere you venture this summer, even if that just means your own backyard or patio.

The Benefits of Negative Ions Don’t Have to End When the Season Does…

When the summer fun comes to a close, the benefits you reap from negative ions don’t have to stop.

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