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​Bask in Some Beach-Specific Benefits

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Bask in Some Beach-Specific BenefitsFor most of us, a trip to the beach isn’t a tough sell. Whether it’s taking long walks, searching for seashells, or catching up on your summer reading, the beach provides plenty of options from exercise and entertainment to pure relaxation (beach nap, anyone?). This summer, as we continue to practice social distancing, the beach is an ideal destination to soak up the sun while enjoying some personal space. 

What’s more, the beach provides a bounty of negative ions, which reportedly offer a range of physical and psychological benefits . If you needed another excuse to go to the beach, negative ions might just be it. Read on to find out why…

The Benefits of a Beach Day

Taking some time to enjoy the beach might provide significant benefits that you can bring home with you. Negative ions are naturally found in nature -- the beach is awash in them, and accessing negative ions reportedly helps offset symptoms of anxiety, depression, seasonal affective disorder, and even seasonal allergies.

Naturally occurring negative ions are the counterpoints to the harmful effects of positive ions that surround most of us, most every day. Electronics -- from laptops to cell phones, e-readers, and other personal devices -- emit positive ions and these have been connected to heightened states of anxiety and stress.

That’s why getting outside is so important to maintaining our overall health and well-being. Granted, not everyone is able to escape to the beach, either because of busy schedules or geographic location. However, everyone should make an attempt to source negative ions from a natural environment, even by simply taking a walk along a path or trail at a nearby park.

For those times when negative ions are harder to come by naturally, give yourself a boost with an IonLoop negative ion bracelet. Infused with tourmaline, a natural negative ion powerhouse, IonLoop negative ion bracelets supply you with a steady stream of negative ions, no matter where you are.

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