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New Carbon Fiber Sport Watch from IonLoop

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New Carbon Fiber Sport Watch from IonLoop

Something about the seasonal change from summer to fall seems to create a seismic shift in many environments – kids go back to school, the weather begins to cool down, and work projects generally begin to pick up during this upcoming season.

We thought this time of change was a perfect opportunity to release an exciting new product. Beginning September 10, we offer our new Carbon Fiber sport watch, with stainless steel technology back and a Super Luminous face. Its 20ATM mark means the watch is water resistant up to 650 feet!

It is super luminous & very lightweight, so it’s great for races, diving, golf, or running. And of course it contains IonLoop’s patent-pending technology in the back plate - the only sport watch on the market with this feature.

New Carbon Fiber Sport Watch Product Features

  • 20ATM
  • Super Luminous face
  • Stainless steel
  • Date Window
  • Patent-pending negative ion magnet technology
  • The silicon band containing negative ions is comfortable and flexible, while the super luminous face is best for seeing underwater and in all-terrain conditions.

    Yes, People Still Wear Watches

    The timepiece is an impressive human invention; a classic accessory that was once a status symbol, and has always been every bit as much ornamental as functional.

    Popular constructions for watches have certainly evolved over their 500+ year history, beginning with clock watches, then pocket watches, and the lesser known balance spring, which allowed for much more precise timekeeping, and opened the door for numerous other tweaks and improvements.

    As far as we know, wristwatches first hit the scene in Italy about 1810, and thanks to Apple Watch, the appeal of wearable technology remains relevant to this day.

    Wristwatches are great for those situations (and there are plenty) when a mobile phone just isn’t appropriate.

    • You’re not likely to pull your phone out of your pocket on the tennis court, it’s an inconvenience on the golf course, and it doesn’t belong anywhere near the water.
    • It’s rude to check your phone in some situations like meetings, interviews, weddings, dates, church, or the movies. Wear a wristwatch and you can check the time without causing a distraction.

    Huffington Post reminds us that “wearing a watch just feels grown- up” and some other great reasons to strap one on your wrist. Check out our new Carbon Fiber series today!

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