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​Soak Up the Sun… Safely!

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Soak Up the Sun… Safely!

Before you tee off at your favorite golf course this summer, you better make sure you’ve slathered up with plenty of sunscreen. After all, May 24 was National Sunscreen Day, which means you need to be mindful of how much SPF you’re sporting when you step onto the green and start swinging.

Be Smart: Use Sunscreen

As the creators of innovative negative ion bracelets, we are all about encouraging folks to get outside and take advantage of nature’s power to refresh and rejuvenate. Unfortunately, the sun poses hazards of its own with harmful UV rays responsible for signs of premature aging at best, and skincare at very worst. What’s more, UV rays are loaded with fatigue-inducing positive ions, which zap sport performance.

Safeguard against both by observing National Sunscreen Day every day, dubbed “Don’t Fry Day,” and opt for SPF 30, at minimum for maximum protection. Take your efforts one step further by seeking shade whenever possible and wearing a hat wherever you go. This is especially true on the golf course where shade is hard to come by.

For an extra boost, make sure you slip on your favorite IonLoop negative ion bracelet. Our bracelets provide you with a strong source of negative ions, on the golf course and elsewhere. Enriched with tourmaline, a natural source of negative ions, IonLoop negative ion bracelets combat the harmful effects of positive ions emitted from UV rays -- not to mention any electronic sources found in your home or office, like laptops and cell phones.

With plenty of colors, styles, and even customized options to choose from, we’re confident there is a negative ion bracelet with your name already on it. Why not celebrate the holiday weekend by shopping our In the Loop Deals and arm yourself with some extra positive ion protection?

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