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Spring Forward this Season with an IonTime Watch

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Spring Forward this Season with an IonTime Watch

Springing forward is perhaps one of the best perks of the season. Sure, we lose an hour of sleep, but in exchange for an hour of sunshine! After this long winter, a brighter sky and boost of vitamin D feels long overdue. In order to sustain yourself between seasons and stay sunny in spirit no matter the weather, check out the exclusive collection of IonTime watches, timepieces that combine the best of negative ion and magnet technology into one functional and fashionable accessory.

Got the Time?

Unlike other watches on the market, IonTime helps you watch over your health, as well as your schedule. Inside every IonTime watch, 8 discs are equally split between magnets and negative ions. Designed to keep contact with your wrists, the magnets provide optimal stimulation on your body’s overall chemistry.

But, what’s the benefit of building a watch with negative ions and magnets?

Meet the Dream Team

Partner up with an IonTime watch and you’ll be backed by the benefits of negative ions and magnets. This dynamic duo optimizes your physical and emotional wellbeing in their own unique ways. To start, negative ions combat the harmful positive ions that put up a fight against our physical and mental health every day. Long appreciated for their ability to support the body’s own healing process, magnets enhance and may even intensify your body’s magnetic field. In other words, a win-win all in one watch.

Supported by a silicone strap, available in a range of colors, and infused with 1000cc+ negative ions, your IonTime watch blends the best of innovative magnet and negative ion therapies. But, wait! Don’t magnets mess the actual functionality of the IonTime watch? Not at all. IonLoop took great care to design the quartz movement to ensure that your watch will keep accurate time.

So, that’s the function of IonTime watches, but what about that all-important form? After all, watches are a fashion accessory and worn to make a statement.

Good Form from IonTime Watches

Ideal for men and women, IonTime watches are available in five bold shades, including black, white, navy, and even bolder shades of bright green and orange. Whatever your personality or preference, there is an IonTime watch waiting for you. No matter which color you choose, all IonTime watches are durable enough to endure sweat, showers, and swim sessions - guaranteed to depths up to 100 meters. Always take care to rinse your IonTime watch clean of salt water, cologne, detergents, or sunblock. 

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