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Summer Sweat: Top Three Tell-Tale Signs of Dehydration

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Summer Sweat: Top Three Tell-Tale Signs of Dehydration

Summertime is a much-anticipated season, especially for those of us who enjoy getting outside and staying as active as possible. Despite its “lazy days” reputation, summertime can prove strenuous. Increased activities and chances to embark on summer adventures can take their toll, if not properly planned for, in advance.

When we say toll, we’re talking about dehydration. Even professional athletes who take every precaution to optimize their performance - between arming themselves with the negative ion and magnetic technology inherent in IonLoop bracelets, to fueling their bodies with the freshest, cleanest, most natural ingredients, and maintaining an ironclad commitment to their fitness regimen - even they can encounter the damaging effects of dehydration.

Regardless of your athletic skill or fitness level, our IonLoop team wants to make you aware of the top three tell-tale signs of dehydration so that you can tackle this trouble, without risking defeat.

Top Three Tell-Tale Signs of Dehydration

The good news about dehydration is that the warning signs are clear and numerous. In fact, Road Runner Sports goes so far as to detail ten “Warning Signs of Dehydration and Why Every Runner (Yes, You!) Needs a Race Hydration Plan.” Whether or not you harbor any running ambition, dehydration does not discriminate. We are all susceptible to suffering dehydration, regardless of age, athleticism, or overall health condition. For that reason, here are what we consider the top three signals that you’re levels are in distress…

Dehydration Tell #1 -- Thirst

Unfortunately, some folks make the mistake of thinking that the sensation of thirst is a lead up to dehydration. The truth is, when you feel thirsty, your body has already entered a dehydrated state. Thirst is not a precursor to the problem. Think of it this way, you know the expression, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Thirst is the smoke.

Dehydration Tell #2 -- Fatigue

Naturally, this one is tricky because you might feel fatigued for reasons that have nothing to do with dehydration. However, if you are engaging in physical activity and find yourself struggling to keep pace or complete a task that you otherwise could manage without issue, you’re likely dehydrated. This isn’t really a mind over matter moment, commonly experienced when we challenge ourselves to push the boundaries of what we know we can accomplish. When routine exercise feels harder than usual, it’s time to stop and hydrate before risking further difficulties.

Dehydration Tell #3 -- Dryness

If your mouth feels like the desert and your tongue like a tumbleweed, you’re dehydrated. Many people also experience excessively dry eyes or the inability to produce tears (most often observed in babies and young children). Any signs of dryness like these are definite indicators that your body is depleted of the hydration it requires for baseline healthy performance.

What happens when that baseline is compromised by dehydration?

The Damage Resulting from Dehydration

A quick consult with WebMD demonstrates that dehydration can lead to serious complications, like heat injuries (specifically, cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke); urinary or kidney problems (including urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and possible kidney failure); seizures and/or the potential loss of consciousness; and finally, low blood volume, diagnosed as hypovolemic shock, which results when low blood volume causes a decrease in both blood pressure and the levels of oxygen in your body.

Your best defense against dehydration is to hydrate early and often. In other words, don’t wait until your thirsty to reach for your water bottle. Keep hydration close at hand and stay strong this summer!

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