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Take a Stronger Swing with Sport Bracelets

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It’s been a slow, yet steady march to spring, with winter still gripping much of the country. But, spring is indeed on its way and before too long, golfers all over will be teeing off and taking swings on lush greens and fairways. If you plan on joining them, let us introduce you to IonLoop’s negative ion technology bracelets, a smart and stylish way to take a stronger swing.

We All Need Negative Ions

Loved by professional golfers, from Rory McIlroy to Ryan Palmer, Dustin Johnson and Lexi Thompson, negative ion sport bracelets aren’t just for the pros. In fact, anyone, regardless of athletic ability can -- and should -- reap the benefits of negative ions. Why?

Basically, because we are under persistent attack by positive ions, which puts us at greater risk for physical, emotional, and psychological challenges. Positive ions pose a threat to our serotonin levels, making us more apt to feel low. The only antidote to positive ion poisoning is getting enough negative ions.

For some of us, negative ions are easier to access than others. Your geographic location impacts the amount of negative ions surrounding you, but so does your profession and tech habits. The more time spent indoors and on screens, whether cell phones, e-readers, computers or laptops, the greater your exposure to positive ions.

Those of us who are outdoorsy and pursue plenty of time in nature actually nurture our stores of negative ions. The key to replenishing your negative ions is to get outside, go barefoot whenever possible, enjoy the beach and natural water sources, like the sea, springs, and streams. Make like a duck and splash around in the rain for a quick dose of negative ions. Of course, if you’re on the green and the skies open up suddenly, we recommend taking cover and not risk any lightning strikes!

How Do Negative Ion Bracelets Work?

Like most innovative products, the key to success comes down to a secret ingredient. Tucked inside each IonLoop negative ion sport bracelet is tourmaline, a naturally occurring mineral that produces negative ions and balances electrical waves. Slipping on any of the various IonLoop negative ion bracelets is a super easy way to optimize your own negative ion levels.

Available in a variety of exciting shades and styles, including the exclusive golf series, you can even create your own. Get some inspiration by checking out the IonLoop Facebook page and scoping out photos and testimonies submitted by some of our loyal customers, both professional and amateur athletes, alike.


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