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The #1 Sports Bracelet You’ll Totally “Fall” For

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With the school year successfully underway, we’re on to the added commitments: tacking on extracurricular activities with the regular hustle and bustle. Back-to-School is also Back-to-Sports!

While it may not feel like fall just yet, seasonal sports are in full swing, some of the most popular being: running and cross country, cycling, lacrosse and field hockey, tennis, golf (our personal favorite), and America’s favorite: football.

The most successful athletes know that a combination of ability, rigorous training, grit, mental fortitude, and heart are the ingredients that define a world-class athlete. Whether you’re in it to win it, or a more casual competitor, would you turn down any competitive edge, however small?

The small competitive edge that you can wear around your wrist: negative ion bracelets. There’s no “i” in team, but there is in ion.

What are ions?

The first day of fall—also called the Autumnal Equinox—is today! A lot is in the air, including falling leaves, rampant ragweed pollen, a subtle chill, and ions. An ion is an electrically charged atom or molecule. In the air, all around us are atoms, some negatively charged, called negative ions, and some positively charged, called positive ions.

How do negative ions impact health?

When negative ions reach the bloodstream, they are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase serotonin levels (which boost mood). As a result, we are happier, more relaxed, and more energetic. Who doesn’t want that? These overarching benefits will positively influence athletic performance over time.

On the other hand, positive ions are often associated with increased allergies, infections, lethargy, anxiety, and depression. Negative ion and magnetic bracelets counteract and balance the effects of positive ions by repelling them away from the body’s natural magnetic field. The IonLoop® band contains the natural, negative ion producing mineral tourmaline, a silicate mineral that we also compound with important elements, such as aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, and potassium. Remember:

                                                                        negative ions = positive vibes


Are you a marathon machine, a seasoned sprinter, or just enjoy the casual jog? Whether you’re one, none, or a combination, IonLoop running bracelets will benefit you.

When you live an active lifestyle, it’s critical to take care of your body and do preventative maintenance to avoid injury. Due to the high-impact nature of running, athletes are plagued by all kinds of debilitating injuries: IT syndrome, shin splints, runner’s knee. Our ion magnetic bracelets contain two very strong magnets, thought to increase blood flow and oxygen, influence quicker recovery time, and impact sleep and stress levels.

With IonLoop, it’s all downhill from here.


Run 5 miles or bike 5 miles? While running burns more calories per mile, cyclists really go the distance, often traveling 5 times normal running distances. Among numerous benefits, cycling is low impact and more forgiving on the body.

Naturally, covering more ground and keeping a pace requires strength and endurance. Like any strenuous, sustained physical activity, the body produces lactic acid (positively charged), which results in soreness and muscle cramps. Cyclists can use negative ions to repel positive ions and contribute to positive performance.

Life is short, so enjoy the ride.


It’s all in the wrists.

Other not-so-fun common injuries associated with golf: back pain, tendonitis, ankle and knee pain, and the aptly-named “tennis elbow” (or, golfer’s elbow). The best medicine is prevention, which can be achieved by conditioning, improving swing mechanics, including a warm-up, and using the right equipment. Using Advanced Ion Regeneration Technology IRT™, our bracelets can counteract exposure to positive ions that negatively affect energy levels and overall health, increasing daily performance as a result.

This fall, keep your ion the ball.

Harness the power of technology and the natural benefits of ions by stimulating the body’s natural magnetic field. IonLoop technology works for all types of physical activity for any athlete—pro or amateur—in any sport! For the dream team in lacrosse or field hockey, or the dynamic tennis duo, use IonLoop to simultaneously stimulate performance and express personal style.

Still not convinced? We understand that word-of-mouth endorsements are everything. Our customers have experienced the amazing effects of ion and magnetic bracelets firsthand—and they want to share!

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