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​The Importance of Stretching

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The Importance of Stretching

People often talk about the importance of being active or getting in some sort of movement, but what people don’t talk about enough is the importance of stretching, and IonLoop is here to address just that.

A big part of the IonLoop brand is our commitment to educating our customers about issues relative to health and wellness, in addition to introducing our innovative products, like the IonLoop negative ion bracelet.

When we first launched our company, not many people were aware of the natural benefits provided by negative ions. Since then, as we’ve expanded our negative ion bracelet line, we’ve also encouraged more conversation about other wellness topics, like stretching, for instance.

Stretching 101

What people don’t realize is that stretching doesn’t have to be something that is only done after an intense physical workout. It is something that you can -- and should! -- do every single day just to improve your overall quality of life.

But why is stretching so important?

Simply put: Stretching keeps your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy.

Flexibility is really important for a healthy range of motion, which is something we need in our everyday lives. Without this range of motion, the muscles start to shorten and can feel tight.

Think about how awful it feels when you wake up to stiff, tight muscles, even when you didn’t do any physical activity the day before. Sometimes it just happens. As we go about our days, we don’t realize how much and what muscles we are moving – it's just second nature to us. Imagine what a quick 15-minute stretch session could do for your body on a daily basis.

What Benefits Can Stretching Offer My Body?

The benefits of stretching are honestly endless, but let’s name a few.


-Improves your performance in physical activities

-Decreases your risk of injury

-Increases muscle blood flow

-Improves your ability to do daily activities

-Enables your muscles to work most effectively

-Improves flexibility

-Makes day-to-day life feel easier

Stretching is a great way to start and end your workout. It helps to prime your muscles before doing the activity, but it also helps to stretch and relax them after you finish.

What if you skipped a workout or your day got away from you without any real exercise?

A stretch session can be a short, sweet, and smart substitute. In fact, just a simple 5 to 10 minutes each day is enough.

How Often Should I Stretch?

While you can achieve the most benefits from stretching on a regular basis, you only really need to do it two to three times a week. While we’d love to suggest that everyone stretch everyday, we know it isn’t realistic. But if you get yourself into a routine of stretching almost everyday, you’ll be in good shape — and your body will thank you.

Stretch Yourself Even Further With IonLoop

Another way you can stretch yourself even further is by consistently accessing negative ions from an IonLoop negative ion bracelet. Just stretch one of our bracelets onto your wrist and see what the power of negative ions mixed with stretching can do — see what we did there?

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