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​Top 5 Tips for Weekend Warriors

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Top 5 Tips for Weekend Warriors

It is not every day that we can find time in our busy schedules to workout. Some people can only find time at the end of the week -- these are our “weekend warriors.” Monday through Friday our warriors find themselves chained to a desk or struggling to keep up with childcare and professional commitments.

For many of us, Saturday and Sunday are the days when we can find the free time to be active, explore, workout, and do it all! Weekend Warriors also may find themselves completing every project that needs to be done around the house, which can also be physically exhausting.

Are you among the Weekend Warriors? If so, here are some helpful tips to accomplish your exercise goals and get the most out of every effort.

1)Stretch! A good warm-up stretch can wake up the muscles and let them know that it is time to get moving! Having warm muscles reduces the risk of pulling muscles and suffering an even greater injury. When your body is not quite used to getting a workout on a daily basis, it is extremely important to stretch. Likewise, a cool-down stretch or leisurely walk is also crucial for our Weekend Warriors. Cooling down brings the heart rate and blood pressure back down to normal following strenuous exertion. Stretching the muscles after a workout can also soothe any soreness that could be building in the body.

2)Hydrate! Water is your best friend no matter when you’re doing a workout. A good rule of thumb for water intake is the 8x8 rule. Meaning you drink 8 glasses that are all 8 ounces. This adds up to about half a gallon in a day. Another trick is to drink ½ to ⅔ your body weight in ounces. Another way to stay hydrated is to eat water-rich foods like cucumbers, watermelon, peaches, oranges, broths, and soups.

3)Listen to your body! If your body does not want to be a Weekend Warrior one week, don’t force it! It is important to be aware of potential signs of injury and check in with how you’re feeling before, during, and after any physical exercise. Take an extra minute to stretch, change up the type of workout you have been doing, or lower the intensity. All of these things can help you commit to your workouts and endure them for longer periods of time. If you listen, your body will tell you exactly what it needs.

4)Get the right shoes! Just like you should be listening to your body, you should be protecting your body. Make sure if you are a trail hiker or a basketball player you get some shoes with ankle support. Or, if you have pains in your knees or hips ask an associate at your favorite shoe store what level of cushioning and arch support is right for you. It may be a minor change, but the effects could make a big difference in recovery time and overall feel.

5)Wake up your weekday activities! Even if you cannot get to the gym, onto a trail, or on the court or field during the week, make sure you’re moving. Just 10-15 during the day of stretching can make a big difference when it comes time for weekend workouts. Aside from stretching, perhaps you could take a walk on your lunch break or do a core exercise during the commercial breaks of evening TV. Little things during the week can help keep your body agile and alert!

Most Weekend Warriors are strong and determined, motivated to use what little free time they have on a workout that gets great results. However, there are some concerns that cramming this much exercise into the end of the week can hurt the body or cause long-term issues.

In fact, research shows the opposite is true; studies have shown that this workout method has lessened the chance of heart disease and cancer. So, Weekend Warriors, keep doing great things for you and your body and keep our tips in mind in order to keep keeping on.

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