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Tracking Time at the Kentucky Derby with the Perfect Timepiece

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Tracking Time at the Kentucky Derby with the Perfect TimepieceSaturday, May 5th, marks the 144th Kentucky Derby, known by fans and racing enthusiasts as the “greatest two minutes in sports.” When it comes to keeping time at Louisville’s Churchill Downs, celebrated Swiss watchmaker, Longines, has been the official timekeeper since 2011, though its connection to the equestrian realm has been a part of the brand’s marketing since 1881. While these timepieces are beautiful and rich in historic significance, they aren’t necessarily within everyone’s budget.

This year, for a cutting-edge twist featuring colors worthy of the wild hats worn by Derby fans, why not challenge tradition and sport an exclusive, innovative IonTime Smart Sport Watch instead?

Impressive IonTime Watches

Rich with the collaborative power of both negative ion technology and magnets, each of the five available IonTime Smart Sport watches provides time-keeping precision for both men and women. Supercharged with negative ions, the silicone watch strap fits comfortably and delivers dependable durability. Ideal for athletes, weekend adventurers, and anyone who embraces an active lifestyle, IonTime watches are not only performance-driven, but waterproof.

Perhaps just as tough as IonTime Smart Sport watches is the choice you’ll have to make when it comes to color. Those who are on the understated side of elegance will want to check out either the navy, black, or white options; although, who says you can’t have more than one? For the more fashionably daring among us, the green or orange options are sure to delight.

Boost your stores of negative ions and combat the harmful effects of positive ions, all while keeping on time and on track.

Capture the Moment with Carbon Time

Of course, when you shop with IonLoop, you always have plenty of choices to consider. This latest option is designed, specifically, with the gents in mind. IonLoop’s Carbon Time Sport watch channels the same strength of IonTime Smart Sport watches, offering negative ion technology and magnetic therapy. But, there’s a stroke of difference between the two, and that distinction exists in the materials.

Rather than a silicone strap, the Carbon Time Sport watch is constructed from carbon fiber, which is super strong, but simultaneously light as a feather. The strap is still loaded with negative ions and the entire timepiece is waterproof -- down to 600 feet, or 20 ATM, in fact. To check out the Carbon Time Sport watch and its super luminous face, click here for a short video.

Sold in a single shade, Charcoal, the aesthetic result is at once rugged and refined. This is the kind of accessory that translates seamlessly between the board room and the back nine.

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