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Ways to Understand the Effects of Your Ionic Technology Wristband

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3 Ways to Understand the Effects of Your Ionic Technology Wristband

If you’ve been wearing one of IonLoop's premium sport wristbandsand haven’t noticed a substantial improvement in your health, take heart! This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re immune to the possible benefits of silicone sports bracelets. There are several things to keep in mind while evaluating the effects that you may feel from the negative ion technology present in an IonLoop wristband.

The Building Effect of Ion Magnet Bracelets

While some customers report almost instant benefits from the IonLoop silicone sport wristband, other people report gradually acclimating to the changes. Some individuals may feel a delayed reaction effect, or fail to notice the difference at all because of the slower rate of change.

Body Chemistry Sensitivity to Silicone Sport Bracelets

Many customers report immediate benefits like pain relief and increased athletic endurance. But very often we hear from our customers that they became believers in negative ionic power after experiencing the “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone” phenomenon. People tell us that they notice an absence of benefits when they go without wearing their IonLoop premium sport wristband for a week after having worn it for an extended period.

Underlying Problems

Fortunately, our bodies are made to alert us to possible injuries and illnesses, using fatigue and pain as symptoms. In certain cases, the body might be “talking” louder than the sports bracelet because of an issue that needs to be addressed.

How You Could Notice Benefits from Your IonLoop

Leave it alone, literally! Wear your IonLoop sport wristband continually for a month (Not only is the IonLoop waterproof, but we actually recommend leaving it on in the shower to keep it as nice and clean as you are!) Then, try taking it off for a bit. Put it back on after a week – or however soon you personally may feel the effects of the IonLoop's absence. Some people suddenly notice that they just don't sleep as well, or work out as long, or feel as energetic in the morning when they review their week without wearing a negative ion wristband. Experimenting with wearing and not wearing the IonLoop at different times may help you to notice a positive difference as well!

The Reported Effects of an IonLoop Sports Bracelet

To better understand the effects that you could potentially experience by wearing an IonLoop product, we welcome you to listen to this quick audio about our technology.


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