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​What's So Great About a Magnet Bracelet?

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What's So Great About a Magnet Bracelet?

Before we get into magnet bracelets and all the things we love about them, let’s start with a simple appreciation of magnets. These practical tools feature many uses. We can use magnets to hang and mount our kids’ best artwork on the fridge. Speaking of magnets on the fridge… magnets are just plain fun -- from alphabet refrigerator magnets to ones inside toy building blocks! You know that magnets have many practical applications.

Did you know that magnets might have healing properties, too? Allow us to explain…

Making the Case for Magnets

For many years alternative medicine has considered whether magnetic properties can heal pain. Recent studies have shown they just might. In a recent study, scientists created a hydrogel pumped with magnets. When applying pressure to an injured area, the magnets suppressed the pain signaling of the neurons.

Another way that magnets might support health and well-being is by calming inflammation. In 2008, the University of Virginia developed research supporting the fact that magnets can increase the flow of blood returning oxygenated blood to the injured tissue. Thus, in turn, reduces inflammation around the body.

An Alternative Way to Heal

With this research in mind, magnets might provide a natural alternative to pain relief. While we’re not suggesting you should walk around with magnets in your pockets, we do think sporting one on your wrist in the form of a fashionable bracelet, watch or band is a great idea!

Studies have found that magnets might help relieve common culprit pain areas, such as the knees, especially from ailments like arthritis. This relief could even be equal to that from anti-inflammatory medication. However, as with any holistic approach, a person is able to skip the never ending list of side effects commonly associated with traditional over-the-counter and prescription medications.

It turns out, magnets might help with more than just pain!

Magnetic Therapy

The idea of magnetic therapy dates back 2,000 years. Healers of the time and in the region of Europe and Asia used magnetic therapy as a tool for healing the body for many reasons. They believed that it worked by sucking the disease and toxins out of the body.

Today, magnetic therapy is used to treat inflammation, migraines, depression, and reportedly also helps improve circulation.

Why not try these potential benefits yourself? Better yet, do so in style with an IonLoop magnet bracelet.

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