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Why Do Magnets Work?

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How Do Magnets Work?

Humans discovered magnetism thousands of years ago, and began putting magnets to practical use almost immediately, but we didn’t understand exactly how they worked until much later.

What are Magnets?

Any object that has a magnetic field could be considered a magnet; they attract ferrous objects made of iron, steel, nickel and cobalt. The first magnets discovered were in naturally occurring 'lodestones' which attracted iron pieces.

The energy in the space surrounding a magnet is called a magnetic field. Most of the planets in our solar system have magnetic fields, including Earth, whose magnetic fields offer protection from energetically charged solar winds.

More than just a comic book weapon, magnets serve many functions to man and in nature, such as in compasses and credit card strips, and on our refrigerators as well as inside them, to keep the door closed. In fact, it is the Earth's own magnetic field that causes a compass needle to orient in a North-South direction.

Magnets for Health

It is thought that magnets may intensify the body’s magnetic field, thereby facilitating the healing process through increased flow of blood, nutrients, and oxygen within the body. When you consider that the Earth is in many ways like a large magnet, it should come as no surprise that humans may be receptive to this energy.

How Do IonLoop Products Work?

Our comfortable IonLoop sport bracelets contain two powerful technologies: magnets and negative ions. Negative ions, though new to scientific research, may potentially aid in quicker recovery time after strenuous exercise and lessened fatigue.

The two magnets contained in each IonLoop bracelet are inserted into a clear poly-carbonate case in a north-south orientation. We believe that by alternating the polarity of these small but powerful magnets we may be adding another dimension to the potential stimulus that the magnets may have on the chemistry of the human body.

The clear plastic and strategic positioning allows the magnets to emit the maximum possible amount of magnetism. Additionally, the magnet serves as a visual reminder to the wearer of its energetic power.

While we make no medical claims about magnetic therapy, we invite you to experience our products first-hand and join our many customers who have shared testimonials of the benefits they experience. We hope you too will enjoy, and please let us know how you feel!

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