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​Why Opt for Non-Magnetic Negative Ion Bracelets

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Why Opt for Non-Magnetic Negative Ion Bracelets

No matter your personal style or aesthetic preference, IonLoop offers an abundance of choices when it comes to negative ion bracelets, both with and without magnets. The case for wearing an IonLoop magnetic accessory centers on claims that negative ions, when paired with magnets, are more powerful at increasing energy, speeding recovery, and kicking symptoms of stress to the curb.

But some IonLoop shoppers are not good candidates for magnetic therapies and must restrict their choices to negative ion-infused, non-magnetic products. Lucky for them, there is no shortage of compelling options to choose from.

Why opt for non-magnetic negative ion bracelets, like IonThins?

All in Favor of IonThins

For most people, the choice to shop IonLoop accessories is a step towards a healthier lifestyle. Given their reported success at combating the harmful effects of positive ions, negative ion bracelets can be considered an investment in overall well-being. Boosting those benefits with magnetic technologies is even better.

But, for some people, magnets simply are not an option. Individuals who are pregnant or have pacemakers, for example, are not good candidates for magnetic therapy and should avoid contact with magnets whenever possible.

The beauty of silicone-based IonThins and other non-magnetic IonLoop accessories is that they allow everyone to access negative ions, regardless of whether they need to avoid magnets.

Of course, health conditions aren’t the only reasons why someone might prefer an IonThin over a magnetic wristband. Non-magnetic IonThins are lighter and smaller in diameter, which appeals to some customers more so than the added weight of negative ion magnetic bracelets. For those looking to make a bigger and bolder statement, IonTHICKS are ideal.

If you’re restricted to non-magnetic negative ion bracelets, no to worry! IonLoop’s accessories offer so much to choose from when it comes to color and customization, no matter the product. In fact, you can even opt for braided versions of the IonTHICKS and create your own 4-Pak.

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