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Why Testimonials Mean So Much to Consumers

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Why Testimonials Mean So Much to ConsumersAt IonLoop, we pride ourselves on the number of inspirational testimonials we receive on a regular basis from our customers. Not only do these messages validate our mission, they provide evidence that our product is making a difference in the lives of many people from all different walks of life.

But, what we’ve found is that while these testimonials mean so much to us, they mean even more to consumers. So, we decided to find out exactly why testimonials mean so much to consumers and what a testimonial might mean for a business like ours…

Turns Out, Testimonials = Trust!

As business owners, we’re thrilled by the number of amazing, unsolicited, third-party testimonials shared by our customers. But still, we want to know: why? What is it about testimonials that consumers trust so willingly? Willingly enough to make a commitment to a product they’ve never tried before or, in some cases, ever heard of?

If you ask Justin Dunwiddie at RevLocal, Here Are 2 Reasons Why Customers Trust Online Reviews:


According to Dunwiddie, “The first reason customers trust online reviews is that they want transparency from local businesses.” He then goes on to cite Social Media Today’s, Jans Vels Jensen, who claims, ““Transparency is king in the shopper’s eyes – they want to feel that the wool is not being pulled over their eyes.”

Unbiased Influence

Here, Dunwiddie references Mandy Yoh at ReviewTrackers who finds that, ““People are

more likely to trust a complete stranger because they see that reviewer as a peer, like they’re in it together.”

Invested in Trust at IonLoop

When it comes to establishing trust in IonLoop’s products and philosophy, our customers really do the heavy lifting for us. We stand by our positive testimonials and hope that sharing them will encourage others to try our negative ion technology and find the right IonLoop accessory to complement their lifestyle.

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