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​Will Your Fitness Routine Survive Vacation?

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Will Your Fitness Routine Survive Vacation?

Ahh, August...

The month that gives us our final taste of summer. After all of the hard work that we have put into our jobs (and, of course, getting through a pandemic), we all deserve a little vacation.

Over the past year, memberships at popular gyms and fitness programs rose from anywhere between 18% and 48%! With the vacation days ahead we cannot forget all the work we’ve done to keep fit! The best way to find the balance between lounging and being active is to set up a realistic routine for yourself.

Strike the Right Balance

First of all, plan to splurge a little bit! Do not forget that you are on vacation. There is going to be that food on the buffet that is calling your name, let yourself answer that call! Just like any diet, it is unrealistic to say you will never treat yourself. Being too restrictive makes barely any difference to your overall goal and instead leaves you unsatisfied and upset. So, spoon a little extra onto your plate and enjoy yourself!


To balance out the well-deserved treats, another tip for successful vacationing is sticking to your routine from home. Perhaps the morning is the best time to get a workout session in. The temperature is still low, not many people are awake, and you will not be missing much. You will be done before they open up the breakfast buffet. Sticking with your routine will help make those gym sessions go fast!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Another tip is to switch it up! Just because your normal cardio is running and you are used to mileage does not mean you HAVE to be getting miles in every day! Get your cardio another way! Perhaps take a walk on the beach, brave a hike, go swimming, try a dance class. Switching up the way you exercise keeps your body happy and makes it stronger because it becomes more versatile with movement!

Take in the Sights, Increase Your Steps

Lastly, plan some activities that get you moving without you even thinking about it. This is a great way to get some steps in and also see the sights of your vacation destination. Maybe it is a journey through the jungle or a walking tour through the streets of a dream destination city.

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