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​Win the Battle Against the Blues this Winter

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Win the Battle Against the Blues this Winter

Wintertime can be an especially difficult season for a variety of reasons. While the holidays might provide a festive distraction, they can also present stressors of their own. Even after the holidays have passed and we’re well into the new year, winter’s shorter days and longer nights can leave many of us feeling blue.

What’s the solution?

Give a Nod to Nature

Fortunately, there is holistic help for those of us eager to feel better and prefer natural remedies over pharmaceutical solutions. As we know, negative ions might be the answer for natural healing.

In fact, three years ago we published a post teaching our readers how to Beat the Winter Blues with These Tips. The suggestions were pulled from an article originally published in 2013, entitled 10 tips to beat the blues in winter.

Guess what?

This particular publication still tops the first page of Google for searches about negative ions and the winter doldrums. While we see merit in each of the ten suggestions, we’re going to spotlight the advice featuring negative ions.

Feed Your Need for Negative Ions

Allow us to introduce you to Michael Terman, Ph.d at Columbia University’s Department of Psychiatry and Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry at the College of Physicians & Surgeons. Dr. Terman also manages the Center for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and the Clinical Chronobiology Program at New York State Psychiatric Institute.

Dr. Terman recently conducted a study on the Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder with a High-Output Negative Ionizer and found that participants who reportedly suffer from the winter blues experienced significantly reduced symptoms, following exposure to negative ions.

While research into the physical and psychological benefits of negative ions is ongoing, you can start to take advantage of these encouraging initial findings by wearing negative ions around your wrist every day.

Negative ion bracelets are a convenient and affordable accessory that offer you a steady supply of negative ions in a stylish and sporty package. We offer so many colors and customizations, we bet you’ll have a hard time choosing just one bracelet.


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