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WMCR/Andrie Development Team Sponsorship Q&A

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IonLoop Team Sponsorship Q&A

For the past two years, IonLoop has been sponsoring WMCR/Andrie Development Team (West Michigan Coast Riders Cycling Club) a junior cycling team out of Michigan, helping outfit them in cycling uniforms, as well as sports bracelets and necklaces. We interviewed their coach, Brant Hendler, about his team, which continues to make strides in the competitive cycling world.

How is the team doing?

The team is doing really well. This was our second year competing at Junior Nationals, and so far we have won five medals and two of them were national championships. We've also had five more top 10 finishes over the last two years.

What impresses you most about the team?

These kids are amazing, and the best part about the team is how they motivate and push one another to get better. And thanks to IonLoop’s sponsorship, the kids are also learning important life lessons.

How does the sponsorship teach life lessons?

IonLoop founders Bob and Melissa Gotfredson believe in this team, which helps them to believe in themselves.

Part of our team philosophy is to teach these kids the value of sponsors and get them to think of themselves as ambassadors to the sport and sponsors. We believe this perspective builds mutual respect and benefit for both parties.

How do sponsorships logistically help teams?

As an athlete you're saving every penny you can just to buy equipment and get to races. The IonLoop sponsorship is truly a blessing, especially in a tight economy.

How has the team responded to IonLoop sports bracelets?

Teens are pretty picky about what they wear, and these IonLoop silicone wristbands have become a fashion must for them. They wear them 24/7 and are always excited when a new sports bracelet shows up. They get to be trendsetters among their friends, who all want their own negative ion bracelets.

Parents have come up to me and told me that after wearing their own silicone wristband and feeling energized and good a few days later, they bought sports bracelets for their entire family.

Benefits of Sports for Youth

IonLoop is extremely proud to help these young athletes achieve their goals and believes that participation in sports can help build self-esteem and confidence, as well as goal setting and the discipline that comes through practice.

We have read studies that show team participation in youth aids in:

  • Higher GPA
  • Lower dropout rates
  • Increased self discipline
  • Development of strategic thinking
  • Internal strength
  • Improved social interaction
  • Increased self confidence
  • Goal-setting abilities
  • Benefits of IonLoop Negative Ion Bracelets for Youth

Athletes or not, today’s youth live in a culture increasingly surrounded with positively charged products like cell phones, computers and televisions. IonLoop negative ion bracelets may offset the harmful effects they’re exposed to at such a young age.

IonLoop negative ion bracelets are also designed to help expedite recovery time from injury and athletic exertion, allowing young athletes to perhaps train harder and perform consistently at a higher level.


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