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Function meets feminine with IonLoop's line of women's sport bracelets.

Motivated to support the sports industry with innovative negative ion and magnetic accessories, my husband and I founded IonLoop. Before too long, we discovered that amidst our sport enthusiast and professional athlete fans, women of all athletic abilities and activities were stacking our bracelets, too. Not only did these women realize the potential health benefits of IonLoop products, they transformed the technology into a fashion statement. We're confident these ladies are leaving a lasting impression, both at work and play.

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Lexi IonThins

Starting with simple technology, harnessing the power of negative ions and/or magnets, we created IonLoop bracelets, watches, and necklaces, while keeping both function and form in mind. Each of our products is designed to counteract the harmful effects of positive ions and complement your active and professional lifestyle. Thanks to our commitment to high-quality products, IonLoop accessories are a cut above the competition, boasting optimal levels of negative ion and magnetic output, outpacing the rest of the industry.

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Negative Ion therapy technology

Spring is simply the best time to freshen up our wardrobes and re-energize our sense of style. When it comes to your IonLoop accessories, this season is all about stacking. A serious benefit of stacking your jewelry comes down to choice; as in, you don't have to make one. When it comes to stacking, the more the merrier. Sure, Coco Chanel might have advised women to ditch one accessory before walking out the door, but current trends suggest stacking should be limitless.

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My sister purchased an IonLoop Bracelet because she has a neck injury. She wore it for about 1 week and her neck started feeling better. She plays tennis and works on the computer all day. One day her wrist started hurting so she switched it to her other hand and the next day she noticed that her wrist felt better, but then her neck started hurting so she put it back on her other wrist and her neck felt better again. This made me believe in the IONLOOP so I bought one because when I played tennis I always had to wear a knee brace. Now my knee doesn't hurt at all and no knee brace!! So I told a guy at work about it, he runs marathons and has bad ankles now he said his ankles are great! I am a true believer and recommend IONLOOP to everyone!!! And I just bought my mom, dad and other sister a bracelet!!!

Victoria - Orlando, FL
    • I love my ionloop thins! I wear them every time I play and notice a sense of calm when I have them on. I truly feel a difference when I am not wearing them and they have helped me keep focused when I play. Also love that I can mix and match them to match what I am wearing.
L. Keefe - Coppell, TX
    • I am 83 years young and a great believer in IonLoop bracelet. I have been wearing mine for 2 years. I have arthritis in my neck and knee, and have seen a great improvement, especially when playing golf, although it hasn't helped my score too much, I am able to turn without the pain I use to have. I never take it off except when taking a shower, and thank you for such a wonderful product.
Evie - Palm City, FL

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