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IonLoop  mag/fusion TEAL SMOKE Bracelet contains slate gray magnetic pearls and 6 decorative stones. 
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magfusion Teal Smoke

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  • mag/fusion COLOR (4mm) Bracelet with Magnetic Pearls and Teal Smoke Stones

    IonLoop introduces its newest all magnetic bead bracelet…mag/fusion COLOR. This unique slip-on bracelet is made up of a strand of small round matte finish slate gray magnets and 6 teal stones; each providing the well-known benefits of magnet therapy for years to come.

    • The new powerful magnet IonLoop is very durable and may be worn in any environment; from the beach to the office this bracelet represents an understated and fashionable look. 
    • Each bead is an isotropic ferrite magnet producing 400-600 Gauss of magnetic power.
    • The 4 mm magnet beads will darken with wear and the Rhodium plated copper logo cube color will soften and develop a copper patina. This bracelet will look even better with age!
    • This new bracelet is designed to be worn loose, snug is ok, but tight is counterproductive.
    • Easy slip-on stretch construction… no clasp.
    • Available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large

    The most advanced magnetic bead bracelets in the market today.




    Your ION Loops are the best in the market place. I have tried several magnetic bracelets over the years. Yours beats the competition HANDS DOWN !!! Terry H.  - Champaign, IL

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  • Product Video

    • magfusion Q&A
      Listen for a brief Q & A about the two magfusion magnet bracel...

    magfusion Q&A

    Listen for a brief Q & A about the two magfusion magnet bracelets.
  • Q. The beads seem darker and the logo cube has a copper patina?
    A. The bracelet has been designed to enable the magnet beads to darken with wear and the Rhodium plated copper logo cube color will soften and develop a copper patina.

    Q. How long with the magnets last?
    A. The magnet therapy power in mag / fusion will last for 5+ years.

    Q. How strong are the magnetic beads in the mag / fusion?
    A. The isotropic ferrite magnets that make up the bracelet are 450-600 gauss each.

    Q. I feel a “tickle” on my wrist once and a while but when I shake my wrist and the bracelet moves it goes away, what causes that?
    A. As the beads move around on your wrist it rubs against the hair on your arm, after a short time you will become accustomed to it.

    Q. Can I get the mag / fusion wet?
    A. Yes this new powerful magnet IonLoop is very durable and may be worn in any environment from the beach to the office.

    Q. Can anyone wear the mag / fusion?
    A. No if you are pregnant or have an electronic device such as a pacemaker implanted in your body, you should not wear this bracelet.

    Q. Can small children wear this bracelet?
    A. No please keep the mag / fusion away from small children; if a magnet bead is swallowed please immediately consult a physician.

    Q. Can I wear this magnetic bracelet with a activity tracker?
    A. Because of the magnetic power of this particular IonLoop bracelet we recommend that if you are wearing an activity tracker the mag / fusion should be worn on the opposite wrist.

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    1. Satisfied

      I own A lot of Ion Loop‘s products I’m a firm believer they do five off positive ions iPad bracelets necklaces all that I bought I’ve only had two problemsThey were taken care of right away great customer service great product on 8/16/2018

    2. Swing like Rory

      Easy ordering process and fast delivery. Purchased for arthritis in right hand. Very happy so far.... on 6/17/2018

    3. Perfect.

      Love it.
      on 6/16/2018

    4. Right in between sizing

      It’s just alittle loose the medium I think will be too tight they need to make a size 8 on 6/10/2018

    5. great product not enough sizes

      large is way too big, medium is a hair too snug. Other than that I love it. I'm wearing the slightly too snug. They need some more size options and it would be 5 star. I've been a believer in magnetic bracelets for a while now they seem to help quite a bit with my lower back pain. on 6/5/2018

    6. Ordered Another!

      Have been extremely pleased with my first much so I ordered 3 more Mag Fusions. I am not one to write product reviews but these products deserve accolades. I am openly recommending Ion Loops products. Additionally, service has been excellent. on 5/12/2018

    7. Magfusion/teal

      Looks good enough. Wears well. Have not seen any improvement in my arthritis pain in my wrist though. on 5/12/2018

    8. Great Products

      It's Great. on 4/16/2018

    9. comfortable

      I love how it looks and feels on my wrist great product on 4/16/2018

    10. Perfect

      As I said in my last review...everything an old man needs to keep things running smoothly...and on top of that teal is my wife's favorite color! on 3/24/2018

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