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​3 Easy Ways to Net Maximum Negative Ions and Promote Positivity

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3 Easy Ways to Net Maximum Negative Ions and Promote Positivity

With the increased focus on staying healthy and boosting our immune systems during the Covid-19 crisis, now is the perfect opportunity to remind you about the power of negative ions. Forget what you know about the word “negative;” in this case, negative ions are the ones you need for optimal well-being, while positive ions can compromise your best self, physically and psychologically.

The good news is a little knowledge takes you a long way to net negative ions and avoid positive ion pollution. Check out these three easy ways to access more negative ions even while social distancing and adjusting to our collective new “normal” as communities start to open up again.

Go Offline

Whenever possible, take a break from screens. Electronics are known to emit positive ions into the environment around them. Given our modern reliance on all things electronic and the importance of connecting with loved ones online until we can once again do so in person, many of us have probably increased our exposure to positive ions without even realizing it. Turn off the screens and keep your cell phone off limits for certain periods of time each day in order to give your mind and body a break from unnecessary positive ion exposure.

Lose the Shoes!

This is a cinch, especially considering that most of us remain sequestered to our homes as we social distance to flatten the curve of Covid-19 cases. Ideally, you’ll want to walk your bare feet outside for a quick walk. Even a stroll through your own backyard can provide you with access to negative ions and their restorative potential.

Take any opportunity you have to safely escape into a natural surrounding -- whether a local park, beach, or riverbank -- as studies show that immersing yourself in nature puts you in a position to receive an abundance of negative ions.

To keep a consistent stream of negative ions on hand at all times, all you need is the right accessory…

IonLoop Negative Ion Bracelets, On Hand and In Style

The inventory of negative ion bracelets featured at IonLoop represents so many colors and customizations, you’re sure to find the accessory that matches your personal style perfectly. In addition to our extensive collection of negative ion bracelets, we also offer Smart Watches -- striking timepieces supported by negative ion technology.


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