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All in Favor of April’s Showers

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All in Favor of April’s Showers

April is finally here, and with it comes the traditional spring showers. While all that rain might be frustrating at first, especially when you want to get outside and shake off the winter blues, rain can return some impressive health benefits.

All in all, April is an opportunity to embrace a healthier you… rain or shine. Slipping on a negative ion bracelet, no matter the season, is a smart way to strengthen natural sources of negative ions, like April rain showers.

Rejoicing in the Rain

Why should you rejoice in the rain?

Simply because it’s a fast way to bathe in the benefits of negative ions, which are purported to enhance physical and psychological wellbeing by alleviating depression, relieving stress, and boosting your daytime energy.

Rain, like waterfalls and the ocean, is rich in negative ions. What better reason to grab your galoshes and umbrella the next time the skies open up?

In addition to the researched health benefits, rain has a cosmetic value, too. Between the soft water quality of rainwater and the humidity it infuses into the air, rain refreshes and rejuvenates your skin, keeping it smooth and hydrated.

Consistent exposure to negative ions is key to offsetting the harmful effects associated with positive ions, which are produced by electronics like cell phones, laptops, and computers. Unfortunately, most of us are constantly connected to at least one of these sources of positive ions, which is why accessing negative ions however and as often as possible should be a priority.

Sourcing Negative Ions on Sunny Days

Now that you know the real power of a rainstorm, you might wonder how to harness the strength of negative ions when the weather is dry.

After the storms have passed and sunny skies return, a negative ion bracelet can help you maintain your negative ion supply, keeping you on track to feeling happier and healthier. Durable and waterproof, IonLoop negative ion bracelets contain a negative ion-producing powerhouse -- the mineral tourmaline, keeping you consistently connected to a supply of negative ions.

No matter the weather, you can access the best of the negative ion benefits by wearing any of the stylish and customizable IonLoop negative ion bracelets.

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